Monday, August 24, 2009

Procrastination at its Finest

About six or so years ago, I got hooked on Ebay. I bought a bunch of stuff, including this Greatland three room pole tent. I was very excited about it, so as soon as I got it, Tad and I put it up.... but something happened. To be honest, I dont now know what it was, but we thought we were missing a piece of a leg.
Today I asked Kevin to drag it out of the garage so we could put it together and see where the missing piece went so we could possibly find another to replace it.
Guess what? guesses? Are you sure? Cause this is an easy one (especially if you've already looked at the picture...) Yep! You got it! No missing pieces.
This very nice, very large, and actually easily set up tent has laid about in my garage for about 6 years waiting for me to get off the stick that I didn't even need to be on.

We haven't actually been camping in three and a half years anyway, not since we lost Tad, but I have been feeling a hankering lately to go camping, fishing, sitting and spinning, doing nothing... not much time left in the year for it but I plan on giving it one more try before its just too cold at night. Maybe take it up to the Sheep Creek Reservoir, I hear there are some really nice bass there.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009


You all rememeber the bitty thing I had pictured earlier? Well that bitty thing got bigger, then it got ripped. I knitted and ripped until I couldn't see straight! I went to Elko yesterday to our spinning group meeting, and talked to Jo about why I was doing what I was doing. I kept making the same mistakes over and over but not knowing what I was doing wrong I couldn't fix it.
One of the things was I was stretching the last stitch out too far so when I would look back after a couple more rows, it looked like I had dropped a stitch and it was just kinda hangin around wavin at everybody. Another was I was getting holes in the sides; a direct result of losing my place and not knitting into the back of the increase on the second pass. And yet another! I kept ending up with extra stitches, an odd number, and we couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing there! Last night I figured it out. After making the first stitch on the increase row, I wasn't dropping it from the other needle before adding the increase. If that doesn't make sense, just suffice to say that at that point I should have had two stitches on the needle but I had three. So anyway, Jo got me started again and I am going great guns. Breaks will be reaplied when I hit the heel.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Firelight, Friends and Fiber

When GarySue and I left my house, we really didn't expect the adventure that ensued. Trying to leave town before 12:30, we didn't actually make it until 1:30, then drove to Billie's which was about 20 miles further than I expected and in the middle of a land development that isn't too well developed (not a lot of people so the roads leave a bit to be desired) Billie has a nice place and there are a few others out there, but its basically in the middle of backroads-Nevada-nowhere, which is its saving grace. Except when I'm running late! So, I didn't really appreciate all the time that went into driving to Billie's house to get her camp trailer, until about midnight when I would have otherwise been sleeping on a cot in a tent and it was around 37 degrees. Thanks Billie :)
We got to the camp area, found the other ladies, parked the trailer, unloaded everything and settled in for a nice visit.
We had talked about having lamb for dinner on Saturday night, so just before Gary and I left Battle Mountain to head for Elko, we stopped at the grocery store; among the things we picked up was a bulb of garlic. I like to season chops with soy-sauce and garlic (don't knock it if you haven't tried it! Works for steaks too!). Carmin loaned us her hibachi, although she didn't come back to eat with us. We missed her and she missed one HECK of a dinner!
As we were unloading the truck, the bulb of garlic kind of rolled out of the bag it was in so Gary put it on top of my camping kit on the picnic table and didn't think about it again until I asked, "Where's the garlic?" to which she replied, "Its on the top of the camping kit." to which I replied, "No, its not there!" A few minutes later, we saw the cutest little fuzz ball! A very brazen fuzz ball, who jumped up on to a rock not two feet from Gary, and then proceeded to continue to walk toward her where she thought the little fat squirrel was going to just walk right into a bag of potato chips! We decided we knew what had happened to the garlic. Our little camp mascot kept us company until night, then came back to make sure we were entertained throughout the next day until it was time to go. Jen was not enamored with the little furry fiend, but Gery had fed it, so it went and found a friend to come help charm food out of us, or just jump up on the picnic table and grab it for themselves. The other little furry fiend was just as fat as the first. Guess we weren't its first victims :)
ADDENDUM: In this picture, the fiend is trying hard to look like an innocuous forest creature, don't let him fool you.Lamoille Canyon is a beautiful place, you wouldn't really expect to find something like this in the middle of the high desert, if you didn't live here that is.
It looked like this all around us....

This is me blinding people... lol Billie is just out of sight on the left, then Jennifer, and Jo, our resident knitting gurus.

AND Jo helped me start my first sock! I got home, picked it up and had absolutely no idea how I got where I was but gamely started working on it again anyway. I'm sure Jo will appreciate it when I show up next Saturday and ask her to fix it LOL just kidding Jo, but I may need to start over :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our own little Retreat...

Going camping tomorrow in Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains, with the spinning group. The weather is not ideal but I know we will have lots of fun anyway! More Monday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wonderful Wool... and a silly cat.

I sent two pounds of mohair and about three pounds of Babs' wool to Morro Fleece Works where Sherri does her magic, and within three weeks I had this beautiful wool back! Just so happens, I caught her just at the end of whites and she was able to get this in and out in near record time! It is a bit nubby, something I always expect with kid mohair, don't ask me why, it just always seems to happen. But its nothing I cant work with. It is for sale, $2.50/ounce or $38/lb.
I cant wait to dye some of this, mohair keeps such a beautiful sheen to it.
And here is my first skein of it, there will be skeins for sale also, between 250 and 300 yards a 2 ply skein @ $3.50/ounce.

And just to be sure you are entertained. Introducing Sansa! The Furry Wrecking Ball! Her fame spreads far and wide (its a pretty big house) and her rampages are known to all (we have a lot of animals)! Neither dogs, nor cats, nor spray bottles shall keep her from her appointed terrors of the Pennington household! Beware Skinny Cat, Chilly the Chinchilla, Tweet and Twit the cockatiels! Not to mention all the unsuspecting tootsies and fingers dangling here and there.

"Peek-a-boo! Gimme that finger!!!"
"ITS MINE ITS MINE ITS MINE!!! You cant have it!"
"Hey! Come'er with that thing! What is that? Common, lemme touch it"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weigh Ins

We caught a few lambs yesterday for a weigh in, it was a rodeo! There are no dividers in the pen right now so we really don't have anywhere to corner them. This is a pitiful pic of our piebald lamb, he was the second to be weighed and I had forgotten my camera (of course, I always do!). The absurdity of this situation, from his point of view I'm sure, was worth recording for his posterity. So Jari took my phone and took this shot. He is not a very optimistic lamb. He was absolutely sure we were going to cut his throat right then and there and had given up the struggle. He weighed in at 95 lbs (at not quite 5 months old, thats a big lamb!) and when Kevin lifted him off the scale and put his feet back on the ground he just crumpled. He laid there until Kevin nudged him in the butt with his foot.
The first lamb we caught weighed 100lbs! I am really surprised at how big these guys have grown! We usually don't harvest until the end of August, but of the 4 we weighed yesterday, two are ready to go now and two more in a couple weeks.
This year is going by way too fast, before I know it I will be standing in a hospital looking down at my daughter and her new child; it will be cold and snowy and blowing, but there will be Christmas lights and cheer everywhere.