Monday, October 8, 2007

Long Weekend!

I am whooped!
After spending all day Satuday chasing two teenage girls around Elko, I spent half the day Sunday trimming feet, giving shots and worming all our girls. We got done with that and went to pick up a new ewe lamb for my daughters 4-H breeding program. We got her home and unloaded her (well the kids did). I went to look at her this morning... and oh my gosh she is parrot mouthed! I bought her from another 4-Her, a girl who had only shown once and decided not to do it this year, so I got her sight unseen! That will teach me to buy from people who don't know sheep! Will also teach me to get out of the truck when we go pick one up so I can look at it LOL
I was hurting so bad I just didn't bother to get out of the truck when the kids loaded and unloaded her. I took a muscle relaxer last night; I seldom take pills, which is probably why they kick my butt so hard. I'm still half asleep.
Well, no harm done. If I cant take her back she didn't cost any more than a locker lamb would anyway.

So you guys want to hear more about my red heads? OK, you asked for it ;-) will have to wait, I have something I have to do, I will get back to this tomorrow.

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