Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Which One?

After visiting that wonderful studio, I am all about buying a drum carder. I told my DH last night that I had decided what I wanted for Christmas, and told him what it was, then he reminded me that the gun that he is haveing rebarreled will probably cost at least that much.... I don't think men have any sense of money, at least my man doesn't LOL

So I figure, while I can (we are going to AZ for Christmas this year, thats where my DH is from) I am going for it! However, I cant go over $400. I am looking at the Louet Half-Width and the Strauch P05 Petite. I like the Half-width because I dont necessarily like those big batts, but I have heard the teeth are too deep and it takes a lot of effort to use them. I have heard the Strauch is nicer because it has more teeth per inch and it seems both will handle a fairly wide variety of wool, but the Strauch aslo is suggested for the 'occasional user'.

Any opinions?

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