Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Tree Hunt 2007!

It was a great weekend to go cut a Christmas tree!

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving (which was absolutely awesome here by the way!) the multitudes of our California-side-of-the-line family make the treck from there to here to go Christmas Tree hunting.
Sometimes its just a few, sometimes its the whole family! Which is around 30 people, including the 11 that live here. Saturday morning, we all gather at my house for a breakfast of egg casarole, buiscuits, and fried apples that my Mom graciously and skillfully prepares. We all pile into various vehicles and we go up to Ravenswood, about 75 miles to the south of town, about 20 miles north of Austin. The roads are always good and there was no snow this year (disapointed the kids, but most of the adults were happy :).

We wont be home for Christmas this year, we are going to spend it with my father-in-law in Arizona, so we didnt get a tree, but there were still 12 trees cut to warm peoples hearts this season. We have made this a tradition in our family and we look forward to seeing all our CA cousins, nephews and nieces every year even though its only for 2 or 3 days. After the tree hunt we come back to a steamy hot pot of Irish Stew (also graciously prepared by my Mother), made with home grown lamb and lots of love. We visit and catch up with what is going on in each others lives and on Sunday some go back home, others stay on another day to do more visiting.
It is always nice to see them, and I always hate to see them leave, but as soon as its over, I know I have something to look forward to the next year :)

I took this picture on the way out there, this is what I love about this country, look at the way the mountains march away into the distance. It is so beautiful here...

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Sharon said...

Oh Becky, we are kindred spirits. This is my favorite holiday all year - it's long on family and love and food and memories. We did that too, and now our tree is in a bucket of water in the garage sucking up some juice. It would be in a bucket of ice if it were outside. We could really see what a dry year it's been by the needles on the trees. Your family has a great tradition. Oh wait - that's *my* family's tradition :^)