Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sick Days and Dye Pots...

I took delivery of 36 packs of Cushings Perfection Dyes from a seller on eBay yesterday, and as I sat here at work feeling sorry for myself, I got a phone call from my new supervisor. He pointed out that there was no reason to be at work if I didnt feel good! HA! My new enabler! So I went home and started the dye pot!

This is about a pound of romney I've had laying around for awhile, it is long stapled and fun to spin, so I thought I would give it some extra character!

I use a stainless steel pot to dye, and I havent used any dye besides Cushings so far... I dont have enough dye in the pot in this picture, I had to add more.

It is prettier than it looks here, just a subtle green that will look nice when made into something... I think I know just who to give it to!

I also dyed some skeins but the pictures didn't come out right, maybe I will try again, but then maybe not, mabye I will save those until later ;-)


Sharon said...

Spin the locks, then dye the yarn. If you try to overdye the locks, they'll be so matted that you won't be able to flick them. Remember mine from the fair????

Michelle said...

Hmm, that dyed fiber looks a bit like my great room walls!

Kathy said...

What a neat post! I found you via Michelle and am so glad of it!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I am too Kathy, I enjoy your blog as well :)
Actually I boiled this wool at least twice LOL! Didn't realize it was on too high till I went to turn the wool :) felt like one of the Wyrd Sisters, bubble bubble toil and trouble! Couldn't felt no matter how hard I tried!