Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday; Shooting Range

Since the topics of the things I wanted to share today vary so widely, I thought I would split them up into three posts....

Thrusday night, at karaoke, we all decided we were going shooting Sunday, come Hell or High Water, as the saying goes.
Turns out it was both. The humidity was 100% (checked with NOAA)and it was as cold as Hell frozen over! Well maybe not that cold, but my butt thought it was! (It was actually in the mid 20's)

You may or may not be able to tell, about 200 yards outside the shelter is a dense bank of fog. Usually this fog burns off as the sun rises, but at 3PM when we had decided we had had enough, it was still just as thick as it had been at 8AM.

Everyone was bent on shooting the AR that a friend brought, a $2600 shoot-em-up. DH wants one so bad he could chew bullets! He wanted me to shoot it, and being the practical person I am, I just cant see why anyone would want on of these things! So I shot it. OK, it was fun, but I still think they are over priced.

Then comes my favorite sport! My DH bought a double trap flinger for my BD a few years ago because I love to shoot trap! We have invested in some very nice shot guns; mine is a 12g Ruger Red Label, DH has a 12g Browning semi-auto, and Kevin's, well I cant remember what his is...

Our good friend was manning the flinger in this picture, my son Kevin is on the other side of the truck and Derek is closest to me. After we shoot heads up for awhile, we will start shooting doubles, sometimes heads up, sometimes one at a time. And later still we will challenge Kevin to shoot 4 targets out of the air with his pump. Yes, I've seen him do it! One of my nick names for him is 'dead-eye Dick' he has awesome hand eye coordination!

So, after 200 targets, with numb rumps, tired eyes, but light hearts, we headed home. It was a great day :)

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