Monday, February 4, 2008

PIF's, YMMD's, IOU's... And Wind Balls?

I have been trying to decide what to do with this. To me, the best part of blogging is knowing (through comments) that your friends are reading your blog and are genuinely interested in your triumphs, your failures, your sorrows and your happiness from day to day. I have not held back any of these experiences from my posts; at times, I go back and read one and think 'how depressing!' but I know now, even when I have a bad day and sound bitter and depressed, you guys will come back and read my next post. I tend to type like I talk, by measures I am cynical, sarcastic, (hopefully) funny, and sometimes a bit dour.
To sum up; thank you for reading and commenting on my life.

So, here are my 'You Make My Day' Awards!
Since there are only a few blogs I read, these are the ones I am going to list. There are many reasons that I read these blogs; a couple I started reading because I knew the blogger previously, and have since enjoyed their blogs immensly, some I found later.

  • Boulderneigh - I eny her a bit; what would it be like to be married to your Vet? Funny, whimsical, and always interesting.
  • In Stitches - Wow! What a tallented woman! From homemade soap, to handspun, hand knitted and felted bags (and probably a whole lot we dont know about), if I had half of the talent... funny and interesting all the time!

  • Purple Fuzzy Mittens - Speaking of satire and witticism! And loads of talent! Always a good read.

  • Willow's Rest - A new comer with like interests; Tunis! We even use the same template ;-)

Wind Balls? Yes, wind balls!

These may look like ordinary bumps in the snow but they are very deceptive! These are wind-blown snow balls.

Only in Nevada!

We had fresh snow on Saturday, then about dusk the wind picked up to a ferocious gale in which our power went out three times and we thought the roof was headed for Elko!
My son had the night feed and came in talking about these wind-made phenomenons. Unfortunately, my camera was here on my desk at work and I wasn't able to get pictures until just now in the parking lot of my office building. If I would have been able to get pictures Saturday night, we would have seen neat little furrows following each snow ball! How cool is that!?!


Michelle said...

What a hoot! I've never heard of "tumblesnowballs" before this, only tumbleweeds. Funny thing is, I've seen both snowball and tumbleweeds used to make "snowmen"....

Kathy said...

I'm glad we haven't been attacked by the windballs that you have...but we HAVE had the terrible winds! This is the first ever we've had an ice dam on the roof and it's a doozy.

And yes, some of us do appreciate a razor wit and astute observations! :) Congratulations on the award!

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Thanks for the nod!

No windballs here, just lots of ice and a few inches of very crispy snow.

Sharon said...

Weather like this makes me appreciate those who pioneered out West. It's mean business, being out in this. I'm glad I don't depend on wood heat and horse transport, but I know they did. It was 9 degrees tonight when I turned off the paved road onto our dirt road - ugh.

Pat M. said...

I don't know if my first comment went thru. I've seen snow "wind balls" here in the Northeast. I was going to work one morning and there was a huge field full of them in different sizes. What a time not to have a camera! The evening paper said they were due to weather conditions. I also enjoy reading about your lambing preparations. I'm a city gal & don't thing there's anything like that around here... Good Luck Pat M of Rome NY