Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Silly Sheep.... T-Minus 33

OK, I promise I wont do that every day... I'm just so excited! Can't contain it.

When I went home for lunch yesterday, it was another beautiful day so I had to stop at the sheep pen and take some pictures. This is the goofiest sheep I know, Honey would rather drink from the stream of water coming down than from the tub.

This is Aubrey, Honey's ewe lamb. She has very nice wool, like Laz.

This is Babs (who is for sale btw, very correct, beautiful eyes), a brockle out of my dorset, Eliza, who is in the next picture...

Eliza is the fat one waddling up to the water tub. She had triplets twe years ago, they had brought her down pretty far and I hadn't realized it until she was sheared the next spring; by then she was within two weeks of lambing and went into ketosis. She came out of it fine, with two healthy lambs, but about 3 weeks later we found the ram lamb dead. Not sure what happened, but she is fit as a fiddle this go round and looks like she might trip again. Hindsight being what it is (sometimes helpful) if she does have triplets again, I will keep her by herself and feed her accordingly.

And last but not least, Zip, guarding his sheep (and probably chewing on sheep poo, cause thats what dogs do with sheep poo, ugh) from his cushy shady spot.


Sharon said...

Your yard looks dry - I know I need to appreciate our yard right now but I have lived in the high desert too long to know how to get along with mud. Let's see how your sheep rodeo with Mim goes - maybe we can fit in some color.

Kathy said...

Our lambing is in April as the weather is better then...I hope! Today is the beginning of Round 2 with 12 inches due by the end of tomorrow, then higher temps next week. What a mess!(And I will be getting your samples out for you to play with...I haven't been to town except the Drs. office in 10 days...just get one storm shoveled and here comes the next! LOL!)

Happy Valentine's Day, Becky!

I can hardly wait to see the babies!

Astrig in Maine said...

Happy Valentine's Day Becky!

Thank you for the beautiful gift of yarn...I love it and it came on Valentine's Day to boot!

If I make a pair of socks to wear with my Bierkenstocks is that a good use of your wonderful?

Merci, Merci, Merci Good luck with the babies!