Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Threads n' Thanks, n' other stuff

Look what I got!! Michelle sent this to me, its my PIF gift! I showed my DH, he said "Good! Now you can quit wearing my scarf." He wouldn't know 'style' if it hit him in the arse! lol

Thank you Michelle, I love it!

Yesterday's post was of romney that I was flick carding, this morning I spent about 30 minutes spinning it, now I want to go home and spin some more!! One of the many things I like about this wool is the color; it is silvery with grey/black highlights, but when it is spun up it has a platinum color to it. It is great in singles as well as plied, but I think I will leave this batch as singles... its going to make someone a very nice gift! Wouldn't it make a great lace shawl or shrug? I don't think I would want this next to my skin, even though it is very soft for romney; it still has a bit of itch factor to it, you can see it in the picture, nice patina huh? If you click for big, it looks really cool...

I took delivery of the rest of my hay last night, it was nice that he owed me hay but I didn't owe him any money lol

Happy Horses

It was snowing again this morning when I came to work. Now the sun is shinin to beat all and not warming up a thing! Except for the snow-ice on the telephone poll next to my truck. I just watched it fall down and hit the top of my Silverado. grrrr

I dont know what I was thinking the other day when I posted all my 'YMMD' links; I left one out! I'm sorry Kathy, I do visit your blog daily and I had intended to put you on the list, I didn't realize until last night that you weren't on there so, here it is, another "You Make My Day award to "Sheep Thrills Farm" - fellow spinner, shepherdess and blogger, a great read any day!


Sharon said...

Since we live on a mountain, everything is either uphill or downhill, and the sheep and hay are downhill. We too need to take delivery of hay and paid someone to plow the way earlier this week. Now that the temps will be in the 50s this week, those snow piles will probably melt and float the hay - downhill, of course.

Kathy said...

Thank ewe very much! Actually, I think we're all just passing it around as we love each others' blogs. It's nice to be appreciated!