Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And the Answer Is... Not for Long!

So I go home at lunch to check on the critters, and I find we are up by one! Not the best picture, I had my cell phone, forgot my camera was in my truck... meet our first ram lamb! Crimson tried her best to keep it to herself, but in the end Mother Nature always has her way :)
I was surprised to see all the color, I expected him to look more like his mother as she has more tunis than her mother does and was line bred to her full blooded tunis father. The problem with Laz is he always throws that slopped butt regardless of the ewe he is bred to! So this little guy got a double wammy thru his sire and dam. I dont think he will be used for breeding unless I can sell him as such.
Too funny, as I am typing this, the song "Crimson and Clover" is playing on my computer LOL

Update on yesterdays ewe lamb; she is suckling like an old pro as of this afternoon! I was concerned this morning when I went out and she was still trying to find a tit under the ewes front arm pit. I again dirrected her to the right end thinking 'she's an idiot'. No point in breeding an idiot lol. When I was home she was right where she needed to be :)


Kathy said...

I have loved catching up on your posts! Cool beans! :)

Yes, we're alot like you w/regards to spring. I have lost many a tomato plant to 4th of July frosts. (sigh) You just can't get the farmer gene out of some people. LOL!

I love the lambs! Do all have the same sire? (Didn't catch it on the posts, if you said) Will you have to wether the ram lambs with the sloping butts? Hmm...I wonder what a cross with Shetland would look like! Ha, ha!

I'll also have to look for those coats you put on the lambs. It always happens that we have teerrible winds and cold weather the week everyone drops lambs around here. I have heat lamps, but it would be nicer to have a couple of cotas, dog or lamb, to chase away the chills for anyone caught by winter. Thanks for the ideas!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

The woman that sells them on eBay has some listed right now, by all means, out bid me lol
The 14" seem to work great for newborns.
I have two rams right now, Laz of the slopped butts and Carmine; I have bred Laz to all my wether dams and Carmine to all my registered tunis ewes. Both rams are registered tunis. A bit of history on Carmine is posted on my website (link on my blog page)
I have 5 wether dams right now, Little Jessie will be another. Two are registered suffolk and dorset respectively that my daughter uses for 4-H projects. They were both bred to a suffolk ram off site.
I have thought about that actually, some tunis have nice wool, like Laz, but then there are those like Carmine that feel like suffolk wool... would be fun to test it though :)

Julie said...

Wow, get busy at home and miss out on what's going on everywhere else! :)

I can answer the Shetland question as my neighbor had a lamb from such a cross. He had very nice wool!

Aren't your lambs coming early by your reckoning? Nothing wrong with that, though, as the waiting is over.

You've got some cuties.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I mistook the date we exposed them, it was the 14th of October rather than the 17th. So not too terribly early, other than Little Jessie, she was a week early. Normally that ewe lambs exactly 150 days after exposer.