Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pictures and Correction

Just a small correction; I was mistaken when I said that ewe was a yearling, she was actually two, just had never lambed before...

Lots of pictures to share, I'll just get to it!

The only thing not so good about having the lambing jugs in our garage is the cement floor, if we don't put enough straw down or they move enough out of the way, it gets cold. This little girl, Carmen by name (she is the first lamb born out of Carmine), figured this out. She tried for about 30 minutes before she found a perch she wouldn't slip off of :)
This is my Niece and the bummer. After we took the ewe to put her down, Jari brought Bambi into the house, and apparently, into bed. This picture is really close to his true color, something I haven't been able to capture in any other picture yet. I guess some would call him a light moorit? Maybe he is kind of golden... I am now wondering if his body wool will fade like a tunis does, or, with his colored corriedale background, if he will stay this color all over, it is going to be interesting to find out!
One more....

This is Bambi along with the twins that were born the morning after Bambi was born. Just kinda gives you an idea of how large this lamb is; Bambi is only 14 hours older than the twins who both weighed 9 lbs when born.


Michelle said...

Bambi is HUGE! No wonder his dam had trouble; you did all you could. If he was a Shetland I think he'd be labeled a mioget, which is a modified color in the brown family.

Did you get my email?

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Yes, I did, just overwhelmed that you are happy with it :)
Did you get some pictures? I didn't take any before I sent it.
I looked up mioget and yes, that is his color.

Sharon said...

Sweet pictures - especially of Jari and Bambi, though I love that little determined lamb. I'm so sorry you lost your ewe - the tough side of breeding.

Michelle said...

I love coming back and looking at the series of photos of little lamby getting up on that warm, wooly back! Leaves me all warm and fuzzy-feeling.... :-)