Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gathering Wool

Wow! Do I have stuff to share!!

My very good friend and savior Shepherdess, Laura, was to send some tunis roving that I had inadvertantly left at her house last year when I was there for BSG. She told me that there would be a suprise in with it! I was excited to play in it, so I waited about 3 days and started checking my mail box everyday! I would leave work, drive all the way out to my house to check my mail at lunch. She called me that Friday night to BS and tell me she hadn't mailed it yet because she was shearing a very nice little ewe that weekend and she was going to put some of her wool into the package. Yay! I thought that was to be my suprise, but no! She says there is something else, and that she will put it in the mail on Monday. I put it off as long as I could, but on Wednesday, even though chances were that it would take four days, I was out at the house checking my mail. Thursday... Friday.... Saturday......
Monday comes I get to work and check my email. There is a msg from Laura saying she promises it will be in the mail today! OK, at this point I'm thinking when I see the parcel box key in my mail box I will get excited. Then I tell her in a reply that she is horrible! Making me wait and wait and wait because she doesnt want to go to the post office! But then I thought about the parcel I had sitting in my car that had been there for over a month. I mailed it Monday ;-)

This was totally worth the wait :)

Forgive me Laura, but I can't remeber what breed this is...
And a bunch of roving that I balled to take a picture of it. Oh boy! This stuff is soft!!!

So I'm typing this post and Laura calls, said her ears were burning :) The roving was blended from the fleeces of two romeldale rams; hogget fleece!

And here is the tunis roving, donated by my ram Lazurus and processed by Morro Fleece Works in California.

On another note... I have had these white tulips for ever, but they never get very big. I have had to move them several times and thought I only had two or three of them but they are spreading. I should probably dig them up and spread them out a bit...
Here is that very sweet smelling daff I was trying to tell all of you about, for some reason they are all droopy, hence the sky shot :)

And one more, a book. I saw this book on eBay and for some reason I had to buy it. It is in good shape, the pages are yellowed as is to be expected as the only date I can find in it is 1899. I paid $32 with shipping. There are adds from businesses in the last few pages from companies that sponsered the printing by advertising in it, some of those are dated 1898. Too cool!

Dont you wish we could go back with the knowledge we have now and enough money to buy this guy out!?!?


Mim said...

I love your new book! Bring it with when you come and the tunis roving looks yummy!

Sharon said...

Bring some roving samples too! This has been a great week for you - Christmas in April, and it just about feels like Christmas.

Kathy said...

Well, I'm going to have to try the Morro people - the roving looks so yummy! How long do they take?

This post is a reminder to me to get the boxes I have out, too. We finally have the house back to where I can get into the closet and lambing is almost over.

Are you guys getting the winds we are? And we went from winter to dry fire season with the driest April on record for AZ since they began keeping records! Now I have to get our "Bug Out Box" ready just in case!

Laura said...

The fleece was from a Romeldale (CVM)x Romney ewe and the roving was from two Romeldale ewe lambs' first shearing - it is very soft. We have a slogan: "Romeldale - the other fine wool."

Glad you like them - sorry I'm so mail-impaired!!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

LOL if it was just you I would be worried :))

Kathy, Sherrie at Morro is pretty good at getting stuff back in good time. This latest batch of wool I just got back (pictures in my next post) took about 5 months, but she had just started on colors when I sent it and it was snow white.
Yes we have been having the dirt storms; with all the fires we have had in the last few years there isnt anything to hold down the bug dust, we had another day like the one I posted about last week....