Monday, April 14, 2008

Nice Weekend!

My first sunburn of the year! It was a very nice weekend with temps in the high 70s on Saturday to the low 80s on Sunday. We finally, after all my procrastinations for the last 3 years, went out and built a creep feeder on Saturday! And no it didn't occur to me that sun causes sunburns! I've been in the dark for so long, the thought just didn't cross my mind.
It isn't that bad really, I had sunglasses on so I look a bit like a hairless (on my face anyway), sunburned raccoon, but I don't think it will peel.
The lambs are using the creep, something I had doubts about, but they are getting it, I will try to take some pictures today (no I didn't have my camera with me when we built it, dang it!).

My DD went AWOL on Saturday night and scared the wits out of me. Teens will be teens, I just wish I wasn't carrying around so much baggage, maybe it would be a bit easier on her. Maybe any mother would have reacted like I did? I panicked, not bad (I don't think...) but of course I had all the wonderful thoughts of bodies lying beside roads and in ditches and cell phones ringing desolately into the night with no living person nearby to hear them; horrible thoughts I know. But thoughts I cant seem to stem when she isn't where she is supposed to be when she is supposed to be there. So Sunday was spent trying to recoup what sleep I could. Which wasn't much, I can't seem to sleep during the day no matter how tired I am, and I didn't get anything done that I had been planning on doing, such as finishing the tagging and banding. So today after work I'm going to try to get at least some of them done, the older they get, the harder banding is on them. I've decided not to cut any of the locker lambs this year, so I wont have to worry about them, but the two bottle babies both need to be cut; I am keeping George, and Paco and his sister are going to be pets to a young boy in Henderson, NV.
I did get to watch a good movie yesterday though; The Guardian, very good movie, I thought. I was so tired I cried through about half of it, I wouldn't have normally I don't think, but I enjoyed the movie very much. I also got some spinning in, I am going to cable some of my dark romeldale/romney wool; I was thinking of taking two skeins and dying them different colors, maybe a yellow and a blue or something, then cabling them together... we'll see.

I have a problem, we have 3 lambs that have gotten hung up in something out there and pulled their ranch tags out of their ears! We have had sheep lose tags before just not like this. Course we haven't ever had that many sheep out there before. I cant figure out what they are catching them on as I haven't found one of the missing tags yet. Its such a pain (in my arse as well as their ears, I'm sure) as I only have one set of tags with that unique number on it, so when they lose their tags I have to change their tag number in my records, that throws off the number sequence so when I look back I wont be able to tell who was born first, second, third and so on; even sisters/brothers wont match up for later comparison. Not like I have so many I shouldn't be able to remember all of them lol
I use the small two piece tags from Premier, they seemed the safest because they have such a low profile...

I gotta get up and do something, sitting here at work and cant keep my mouth shut, yawning so hard my jaw cracked. Pictures tomorrow!


Julie said...

I had several pull the small swivel tags out too and I'm just leaving them untagged since they are all wethers who will eventually go in someone's freezer. I've been told that the tags that will stay in are the small brass lamb tags. They're next to impossible to read, but they stay put!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm yawning at my computer, too; two late nights in a row thanks to the wedding Brian was in followed by two mornings with early wake-up calls. I'm covering Rick's office because his secretary called in sick; had to cancel my appointments, of course. :-(

Probably a lot of mothers (and wives) react like you did Saturday night. For years I would lay there and imagine what I would need to do if Rick had died in an accident somewhere on his late night calls. Then I got the the place where I realized most of the time he was standing around gabbing and there was no need to waste my time "awfullizing" about him being dead. Although I must admit I did it again last night . . . must have been the wedding that put me in an emotionally more fragile state.

Sharon said...

I was a "good kid" and I put my mother through several nights like that, poor woman. And of course, the tables were turned on me by my own children.

Mim said...

I use the small brass ear tags and they get pulled out also. My sheep put their heads threw the field wire. Now I identify my sheep by the notches in their ears!