Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On A Happier Note... DYE DAY!!!

We finally got internet in the new office in Winnemucca, and I finally got a minute to myself to post.

I went to Reno last weekend to take my new-used car to the Hyundai service center; it has a problem with the timing chain tensioner (greek to me) and aparently that causes it to lose oil pressure. So we picked up a loaner on the way, dropped the car off at Lithia, Hyundai Dealer (one of the many that go by the name of Lithia, but dont let anyone tell you it is on Virginia, it is on Kietzke Lane or I will eat someones hat), checked into an over priced hotel with a brick for a bed, and went to dinner at the Peppermill. This was my early Mother's Day dinner. We would have eaten at Red Lobster if I'd have had any sense, but I didnt realize it had moved and was open in its new location until my brain kicked in half way through dinner at the Island Buffet. Which was OK, just not Red Lobster.... I have to go back and get my car this Friday though, maybe I will take my sister out for Mother's Day hehehe....
After dinner we went back to our motel, and proceded to try to sleep on the afore mentioned brick.

Saturday dawned regardless of how little sleep we both got, and after breakfast at IHOP, DH took me to meet Sharon for our DYE DAY! Then he went looking for the perfect gun. His adventures were many, between Cabella's new 100 acre store, Sportsman's Warehouse and various other 'gun stores', but I wont bore you (or myself) with the tale :)

Sharon picked me up and we went to Mim's (who also posted about this the other day), and then on to Sharon's house where the garage and the burners awaited us.
All in all it was a great day, I am looking forward to the time when we can get together again (Ian, your burritos were wonderful! Thanks again!) The only low point was when it came time to go, I couldnt find a 3.6 ounce length of merino pencil drafted roving that I dyed. Mim and Sharon have both checked around for it, it is just simply gone.

(see the wormy looking bundle above the orangy thing? This is the missing merino, so I know I didn't imagine it lol)


Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

So much fun! I wish I could have been there. And Ian does make the very best burritos!

Sharon said...

It really was fun - bummer about the merino. I wouldn't dig through the dumpster for just anyone you know~

Laura said...

Well double dang - I really miss being with all y'all and dyeing! I understand that my ears should have been ringing! Looks like you guys made beautiful colors, which is the whole point!!

Goatberry said...

What fun! So sad about the roving, but more roving is to be had, right?!
Meanwhile, I've been playing in the dyepot, too! A number of ylw-browns tossed into my aluminum pot w/ soy silk, processed 40 min & will sit there overnight. Curious to see how it goes.
Then, Abbey's wool in the DyeCrockpot w/ a couple of reds.
The waiting is killing me!