Monday, August 4, 2008

It Just Doesn't Seem to Happen!

Every week, I think "I am going to take pictures of this and that and the other thing, to put on my blog" and it never seems to happen! I get busy and/or lazy, not sure which; of course it could be the kids, or the DH or the menagerie, the house, the bills... :)
We had a sick sheep over the weekend, yes it was the really expensive one! Of course!
She was a little bloated and in a lot in pain, we gave her mineral oil, B-complex, and probios, put her in her own little pen with nothing but alfalfa and electrolites, whetever it was something we did helped, she started with scours within a couple hours then started eating and drinking again; last night her stool was firmed back up a bit and she is doing much better. It was rather scary to be honest! I am pretty sure I will never pay that much for a sheep again.

Jari came in last night after she had been wandering around tossing a base ball (she is grounded for life, I finally get to spend some time with her!!!! YAY!!!), and said I had to come look at this plant on the other side of the garage! I got my shoes on, although I was happily spinning, since I am the one that wants to spend time with her, and went out. There is a really interesting plant back there! I will definitely get some pictures up tonight or tomorrow, I was really surprised at the size and colors of this weed, I have never seen one so big.



Mim said...

I'm waiting for pictures!

Kathy said...

I think you need one of these easy keepin', little eatin' Shetland ram lambs I have an over-abundance of! heeheehee

Meet you at the border...