Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Drive...

The last time I did this, I only worked ten mins away from my house. Now its a 45 minute drive and although I loath it, there is some great scenery. Some of you many not think so, but being a desert rat, I love it :)
(Scuze the bugs on the windshield...)

Sunrise from my porch.
North of I-80; about 20 mins from home.
Looking West from the top of Golconda Summit, about half way to work
Just coming off the summit facing North West.
North of I-80 again, about 15 mins from work.
Looking towards Paradise Valley here, everyone there grows hay.
If you biggify this one, you can see the path of the Humboldt river; in this area, the ground is so flat that the river meanders worse than almost anywhere else on its way to the Sink in the valley where Lovelock lies. It floods almost every year but the cattle dont seem to mind, it is a very lush area.
Winnemucca Mountain; to the North of Winnemucca
This is in the mountain range to the left of the freeway, but at this point, Im not possitive the direction, maybe South East.
The town is here somewhere, its actually a very nice place, but I've never had the urge to live here...

We got a sheep sheared last night, I am hoping to get them both done before we leave so I dont have to take the horse trailer. If I get them both sheared, I wont have to take the shearing stand and can haul them in the back of the truck. It will save on gas as well as nerves because I have yet to replace all the tires on the trailer and I have NO idea how old they are.

Little Lucille did very well on the stand, for all her bull headedness everywhere else, but then her half sister Aubrey did great in the petting pen last year even though she thought she was a wild child. When we brought them in I thought they were going to have hay bellies, but Lucille is slim and trim, I will try to get pics up before I leave, and then more when I come back.

Wish us luck!


Mim said...

Whow you did get your camera back to work. Great pictures and in the car no less. My son who takes (awesome) pictures calls them "drive by shootings".

Sharon said...

Great shots - I love our big skies! I thought Paradise Valley was potatoes - silly me. I haven't looked lately - I wonder if they have renamed the mountains on the west side of the route north. When I lived In Wmca they were The Bloody Runs - you know there's a story there.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What did I miss? Where are you going?

Kathy said...

What a nice quiet drive. Thank you so much for taking us with you. I actually like visiting the desert, but still like coming back to the high desert to live. Must be something about those Celtic genes and shady woods, although we haven't much shade this year. The monsoons have been good but that high altitude sun gets to me.

Can't wait to hear how you did and about the trip!