Monday, October 27, 2008

On to Other Things

I didn't sit down here today to depress everyone, but to share some of what I've been doing this last week/end.
Some of the colors from 3 posts ago... I love the variegation that Mim's dying produces!
This is Mim's heart of gold, the picture doesn't do it justice; it is a peachy yellow, very very pretty!
Here is some of the shetland I bought from Michelle at Boulderneigh, it spins up to a nice heather grey.
This is my latest brainiac scheme; scrunchies! I asked a local salon if they would sell them for me so have been making them a few at a sitting. It takes about a half hour to make. They are all from handspun, what would you charge?
These are some of the yarns I am going to use to make more scrunchies.

I have been looking at lots of crochet paterns, I have found an endless supply of ideas on Ravelry and have found links there to other sites with endless free and for a fee paterns. Maybe I will start doing something more elaborate with my handspun than scarfs and scrunchies...

I have also started to practice knitting again, although if I can get away with it, I will stick to hooking. I know it better and am more comfortable with it.

Here is a handful of shetland from one of Mim's sheep, I almost bought him this last summer and almost wish I had. I will start flicking it and spinning it as soon as I'm done with Heart of Gold.

One other thing. On top of hay problems and daughter problems (and depresion problems) sometime yesterday, the hampshire ewe we bought in Ohio bloated and died. Oi! What a weekend.


Jody said...

Your shetland fleece and yarn are lovely. Are they soft?
I bought a fleece 2 years ago from a local breeder and she sent me a fleece that was so felted that I couldn't pull it apart. She insisted it was fine and I never got my money back. I haven't tried it since.

Mim said...

I have such a hard time trying to put a price on hand spun, home made stuff. It always ends up being whatever the market will bare. And it never seems to be enough for the work involved. See what the saloon says if they sell too fast up the price. Thanks for spinning up my roving to look so nice!
I sure wish I had the magic to stop your pain! :o(

June said...

Hey! If you are happy as a hooker, then you should stay a hooker! Who says those pointy sticks rule anyway? I love love love the Shetland, ooh, just want to reach into the monitor and feel it! Yah, and I love the peachy peach color too - whatcha gonna make with that??

Well reaching through now to hug you, wish I truly could!

Julie said...

This isn't going to be much help for you, but I'd buy your scrunchies. I haven't bought any in ages (and mine are quite worn out), so I can't help with a price. You can certainly ask for more since you're selling at a salon. I'd probably just set an arbitrary price and then adjust based on sales....