Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is Tough...

Dori Ann of Danes and Things has done me the honor of saying I'm a "Kreativ Blogger"!

Comes with this reward a great responsibility
Here are the rules for receiving this award: (optional)
1. Mention the blog that gave you the award & comment on their blog when you post the award.
2. List 6 things you VALUE & 6 things you DON'T VALUE.
3. Then, pass the award on to 6 other blog buddies!

I don't know much about Dori Ann, but for the short time I have been reading her blog, I have enjoyed it very much :)

6 things I value:
My husband and children
My freedom
Sheep and everything they provide me with
Our dogs, cats, birds and Chilli the Chinchilla
All friends and family (mother, sister, nephews and nieces)
My country

Ok, that was a bit sappy... ;-)

Things I don't value:
It is difficult to say really, I am a generally happy kinda gal and don't take much to negativity. I guess that would be one thing; I don't tolerate negative people well. I try to live by a certain code, so I don't respect people who lie or steal to further their own ends. I know that's not six, but you'll have to be good with that :)

Who to pass this on to... I am not going to ask anyone else to pass this on, so if your blog is mentioned, you are under no obligation to do so.

Willow's Rest: The stories of her (and her dogs/sheep) exploits and opinions never bore me!
Sheep Thrills: Always a good read, never a dull moment!
Older Rose: Soooo talented! AND she LOVES her tunis sheep!
On Clinch Mountain: Gotta appreciate her talent with a clicker :)) (and her tunis sheep!)
Desert Peach: Beautiful person, gorgeous sheep, and a talented hand at dying!
In Stitches: Educated and entertaining, I feel like I've known you forever.
Purple Fuzzy Mittens: Talent with a camera as I have not personally known before, witty and tireless!
(...six is too few...)

All the blogs I visit I do so because they interest me in one way or another, and my day wouldn't be the same without seeing them. You're all great!! ...in fact, if you just look to the left, you will see all my "Favorite Places" :)


Kathy said...

Hey! Thanks for the tap on the head! :)
I have been slow to blog this week as we've been getting sheep ready to go to new homes and then I had Shadow come down with "something" yesterday neccessitating an emergency trip to a vet - they thought it was a UT problem, but I'm not so sure. Poor cat!
Thanks for the "hug". :)

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Thanks!!! :-)

Mim said...

Thanks here too! Just haven't done anything about putting it on my own blog.