Saturday, November 15, 2008

Catching Up

I took my adopted daughter to the airport this morning. She is moving back to Arkansas to live with her Grandma and Grandpa. She conducted herself well while here and made me proud. It was really great having her here and I will miss her very much.

I have been working on scrunchies. And more scrunchies. And more... well, you get the picture :)

These are the two main patterns I use...

Group Picture!

I was looking through stuff (actually when I was looking for the silver romney in the previous post) and came across some cute little roving balls that I had made of the moorit romeldale fleece I bought from Terry last year (and again this year) but they were hard. Apparently I didn't get it clean the first time I washed it. I unrolled them and wound them around in my Ozark Delights Fleece Washing Bag and ran them through the washer. I was afraid I would have to recard it, but the hand made rovings came out nice and fluffy and spun up to be shown in the next (not so good) picture.

Bottom from the left: yak and merino, cashmere and merino, spun corriedale (or mohair, don't remember now which was in the pic :)
Top from the left: opossum (yes, opossum from New Zealand), moorit romeldale X, silver romney and camel.

Here is half of the opossum spun up, don't know what I am going to do with it, but it is soft! I see another scarf in my future!

Besides the moorit romeldale cross, I bought another fleece from Terry, it has been featured in several previous posts, this is the third year I have bought it; a dark grey romeldale cross. They went into this box Thursday and off to Morro Fleece Works! I still have some here, they are very fun to play with :)


Mim said...

Becky, sorry I rushed you away on the phone that night! The program was great I only saw it that one time. The scrunchies are wonderful. Did you take any down to the saloon yet? What a cool color that moorit roving is. Working to get the dark moorit in my shetlands. I have two to breed this year to my brown musket ram, grey brown, can't wait to see what happens.

Sharon said...

Your skeins and fiber are absolutely (drool) gorgeous. If I could type this in green, I would.

Kara said...

Scrunchies what a great idea! I will have to google for a pattern unless you have a tried and true one you would like to share! :)

Kathy said...

Did you ever get to try the Shetland sample? Great idea about the scruchies!
Neat post! It reminds me to get busy and get the fleece and alpaca I have ready to send to Morro myself. Too many other things have gotten in the way.
New Zealand possums are a great fiber to add to soft wools. I always get some when I'm there as they are really a pest to the native flora and fauna of NZ. Their fur is used for items going to Antactica as well as they are so warm. I have some socks made from "Merino Mink", as the blend is called. They are to die for! And the warmest, most comfy my feet have ever been.