Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Sarah, Go!

I had a once in a life time opportunity yesterday. I wasn't sure I wanted to do it, it just didn't seem all that important from the living room. I had already committed myself though, so come 7PM, we picked up a couple friends, and were off to Elko to see Sarah Palin.

Elko was her last campaign stop and Northern Nevada was out in force to give her a boost into today! It was crazy! We got in line to enter the Elko High School Auditorium at 8PM; at 9:30PM we were going through the metal detectors; at 10:30PM, all the local speakers were done speaking and the band had pretty much played all their pep music... still no Sarah. At 11:50, the Mayor of Elko got up on the podium and said "Are you ready?" to which everyone yelled and screamed and whistled and clapped... "The plane just landed. It will be another 15 mins" to which you hear booo boooo boooooo!! He quickly amends that it will be 15 minutes or less, to avoid all out rebellion I think.

At 12:10AM, the Mayor again ascends the podium, everyone is wary of another trick at this point, so his reception is a bit cool, but it was the real thing and he announced Mrs. Sarah Palin!

The crowd went absolutely crazy! I have never been one to go ga-ga over celebrities, I just don't think they are any different from the rest of us, and I cant put them on a pedestal just because they are on TV or in movies.

But this was pretty cool :)

Sarah Palin is coming closer to being Vice President than any woman in our country's history, and that is very exciting to me! I was about 30 feet away from her (my camera sucks dammit!) but I managed to get a so-so video...

...Unfortunately, it was taking way too long to upload.

I don't stand well for long periods of time, I have curvature in my lower back and waaaayyyyy too much weight on my poor little feet and knees, so I was a hurtin' unit by the time she got there; yeah, it was worth it :)


Mim said...

Cool, I do like Sarah. Maybe in four years she can try for president!

Dori Ann said...

I agree, she was the best thing on the ticket! I would be thrilled to see her run against Hillary after we have an Obama 4 years!