Thursday, December 18, 2008


So why is it that my heater only quits working in the winter time!?!?!?

Of course! Because that's the only time I use it!!!

We are thinking that the switch has gone out on it, but what a time of year to make me spend money on repairs! Guess it will have to wait till January.

What a pain in the patooty! It is cold in here! We have a kerosene heater so its not like I'm going to freeze my tootsies off but it does get nippy in here in the morning.

Here are some random pics from my week... sorry if the colors are weird, my camera is on the fritz too I think.
Drive way on Monday morning; nice pogo nip! Spaz under the tree. This is the funniest cat I have ever known. He is so human its actually a little scary. Some of you may remember the story of how we got him? In short, we found him at my FIL's house after my MIL passed away. Anyway, he is skinny as a rail in the summer, chasing lizards and gophers, not to mention the occasional jack rabbit; right now I would be surprised if he didn't tip the scales at 30lbs!
My new scrunchie pattern; now includes beads :)
The silk yarn I made the scrunchie out of...

Zip LOVES the cold weather! Until it gets into single digits, then he prefers to be a house dog.


Kathy said...

What a nice post. Our cats love to live under the tree - which reminds me to trudge through the 4' drifts and get it out. LOL! I'm wondering how the new cats will like it???

Great scrunchy! did you develop the pattern?

There are times I am so grateful for out little woodburner....then there are times, usually when I have to clean up all the mess from dragging wood into the house, that I wish we could afford to run the natural gas all the time. But, there is something about a woodstove that warms the ole bones just right...

Cowgirl said...

I just love reading about the goings-on there and do enjoy the pictures. It is downright 'frigid' up here in BC. Thanks for sharing and hoping life is looking sweet again. Did you get my email? Hope so.

Sharon said...

What a nice kitty rescue story and what a lucky duck, I mean cat. It is so so cold now - rotten luck on the heater. I just spoke to Amy and her washer and drier in the garage are frozen. I'm sorry for both of you, me sitting in front of the nice yarn wood stove fire.

Julie Poudrier said...

Hey Becky,
I guess you don't want to hear that it's supposed to be 70 here this afternoon!

It seems that expensive things always go wrong right when money is the tightest. I hope your kerosene heater sees you through until you can get the main heat fixed.

In this climate and with the fact that I keep the thermostat set low, it took me days to notice when the heater died.... ;-)

Mim said...

Cool pictures! Woodburner are the best and I would not be without one mess and all!