Saturday, March 7, 2009

Family Fun Day!

We haven't done this in quite awhile, and I almost didn't go. I decided to when I got to thinking about how few things we do together as a family since the kids are getting older; Kevin into getting ready for the millitary and Jari interested in friends and boys. We all enjoy shooting sports, and although we usually just kill plastic bottles, we have a very good time :)
Derek, in back with his AR-15; Kevin shooting the 22-250
Derek did the camoflage on the 22-250 himself. Click to biggify for details.
Jari shooting the 10-.22, this is also one of my favorites, you can almost shoot it with no ear protection, not that we ever do, but it is so quiet and has very little kick. Kevin also took his deer rifle, a .270, out with us, that thing is so loud it made my ears ring with ear plugs in, I had to tell him to move over aways so he wouldn't deafen me!
Here I am shooting the AR; this is Dereks baby, with our new president, it has been exceedingly hard to find these, and soon may be impossible to buy... IF you are a law abiding citizen.

Kevin with his boomer .270

Obliterated Clamato juice bottle; I think we got it! The Clorox bottle didn't fair well either...

When we go out we always take every thing home with us that we brought, and usually some of what was already there, hoping that my kids teach their kids and so on, as my Dad and Mom taught me.

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Kathy said...

Ralph and I still go out and "kill" bottles, targets, and numerous "still life" object d'art. :)
There's nothing like a good .22

Hope all is well there...

The AZ Sheperdess doin' a walkabout Down Under