Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gorgeous Days, cant put it off any longer...

Last year, I bought a bag of orchard grass seeds. We use to have horses, so we have a large area that is virtually covered in horse manure. I thought I would get it planted in the fall, so it would be ready to come up in the spring. Yeah, well, I'm a procrastinator. So here is Spring and the seeds didn't get planted last year.
The bag says it will cover about a quarter acre, I don't plan on doing that much, not sure my well can handle it. So we started by hooking the drag up to the truck and dragging the dung out into the less well covered areas, didn't work as well as if I could scoop it and dump it, but this is the method I have access to. Then we hooked up this homemade aerator not sure where it came from but it was here when we bought the place. It has 3 inch bolts welded to it in rows all around, and if you take a t-post and lay it across one row of bolts, it makes a really good furrow!

Now, I'm stuck, but not for long. The truck is just too big to get around in this area without furrowing the entire property, so I have someone with a 4 wheeler coming out this evening to drag my 'furrow'. I will be planting tomorrow! Yay!

BTW, it is in the mid 60's right now, supposed to get into the 70's today!

Grace and Jari were sitting in the truck while Kevin and I were working some drag issues out Sunday... she is so adorable!