Sunday, May 10, 2009

One More Post Today... Shearing Part 2

Anyone care to try to explain to me why a papered dorset and her suffolk/dorset cross daughter have wool like a romney? This is gorgeous!

All the fleeces have pretty excessive VM, not big bits, but small sand like VM, some of it shakes out pretty easily, some comes out in the wash but they still will need a bit of work afterwards. Honey, Vanilla and Tweedle are all full blooded tunis, all are of a medium hand; while Honey's is the nicest hand I think, Vanilla is second and Tweedle comes in third. Tweedle also has a lot of what I call California Red hair; stiff red hairs scattered throughout the fleece, but worse around the edges. It does make for an interesting yarn though.

This last one is actually the first one I photographed; it is Crimson. Crimson is CA red and tunis, her wool is very downy but has no 'hair' in it like Tweedles does (go figure).
I am keeping most of Eliza's and Bab's wool; the tunis is $7/lb (normally $10), and Crimson is $5/lb. Please email if your interested.


Jody said...

I luv to look at wool pics! Thanks Becky. If I didn't already have so much damn fleece, I might have bought some.

Fiber Floozie said...

Wow. All that fleece. Makes me want to dive right in and roll around. Beautiful, just beautiful.