Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oregon, Part 2

I bet most of you have been (or live) in Oregon or Washington and have seen lots of trees and are maybe quite tired of them, or just used to them. Not us! To use all these trees are a novelty, something to be pictured and remembered because we just don't see them very often. We didn't take many pictures before we left Laura's house for the coast on Friday morning, so I will start there. Friday dawned foggy but nice and cool and Kevin found lots of things to take pictures of...

I took this one; you may be able to see it if you click-for-big, the whole thing is covered in moss.
We were traveling on Old Highway 126 from about half way from Eugene to Florance, a small sea side town. There was some construction going on, but we weren't in any big hurry, we had the whole day to play!

Kevin's first sight of this wetland behind the jetty was the first he has been able to really appreciate, we have been to the coast before, but he was 13 and interested more in creepy crawlies than the scenery.
This is a jetty that was built by the CCC, way back when (I can't remember the year but it was during or shortly after the depression)... We went on a long walk on the beach... more pictures tomorrow! :)


Michelle said...

I've lived here for 20 years, and I NEVER tire of trees! Tall trees, foggy trees, trees with moss -- all good. :-)

Jody said...

It looks absolutely beautiful and I bet the air must smell so clean and fresh too. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!! Happy Birthday to you Becky:)

MJ said...

I grew up in Nevada and lived there my whole life until we moved to Washington 10 years ago. Trees are nice but I really miss sunshine and wide open spaces! The coast here is awesome though.