Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Life Style... Change I Can Live With

Have you ever noticed (if you've ever fought being over weight, I'm sure you have) that in order to lose weight and keep it off you can't just change your menu or your level of activity for a few weeks, you have to change it forever.

At Christmas, Kevin and I were talking about his fight to be able to do three pull ups. You might think it should be an easy thing for a 19 year old to do three pull ups, but add 6'4" and 250 lbs to your imagination... there. You see? Very difficult. He isn't horribly over weight, but what he does pack around on that huge-mongous frame, is too much for him to lift. He has to do these pull ups to be able to sign up for the Marines, and I realized at that moment, that while I don't really want him to go in the Marines, it would be heartbreaking to watch him fail.
As he was telling me that it was almost impossible to lose weight in a house where no one else is worried about it, I made a decision; we would all go on a diet. My daughter reluctantly, my husband kicking and screaming. We've been on this diet before and it worked wonders for us (my DH and I, the kids didn't really participate), we just didn't handle it right, we didn't change our lifestyles to go along with it, we also didn't give ourselves any lee way (no rewards at the end of the week, no deviation from the diet) so although we stayed on it for 3 years, it wasn't sustainable. I'm speaking of the Atkin's Diet. But this time, its the "Pennington Approved Atkin's Diet".

We have cut out virtually all carbohydrates from our diet. Absolutely no refined flours or sugars, but we can occasionally have whole wheat bread or use whole wheat flour as these don't affect your blood sugar (GI) as white flour does. I am learning all kinds of new recipes and thoroughly enjoying stretching my cooking 'wings'!
Derek is still kicking and screaming, he hates not being able to walk to the fridge and just grab something to eat, although I am working on that; I started reading about coconut flour and have decided that I am going to start baking with it. I can make breads that can be munched without guilt, even a lemon zest bread that I can hardly wait to make! We can have all the protein we want, such as cheese and meat, and most vegetables are ok, although corn is off the list for a few weeks yet as well as carrots because of their high levels of natural sugars. The addition I am making to this diet plan (and many low carb diets insist on you doing this) is to reward ourselves from time to time, at least once a week, with a food that we love that we normally can't have on this diet. This way, when I see a baked potato, I won't go gaga a fall of the diet wagon :)
So we've been on this diet for three weeks now, any change? Kevin has lost almost 12 lbs, while I (I cheated a little... at first :) I've lost almost 7. Don't know if DH has lost anything, he doesn't think he should have to do it anyway (his gut says different), and DD Jari isn't really a part of it, although it wouldn't hurt her 'baby' fat either.
If anyone knows any really good low-carb recipes, please don't hesitate to share them :)


Michelle said...

I know this diet works well for many people in taking off the weight, but I would be careful about eating all the fat you want, i.e. cheese. Getting skinny and dying of a heart attack because you clogged up your arteries with saturated fat wouldn't be a win-win -- and your friends want you around for a long time! That said, CONGRATS to you and Kevin on the weight loss so far!!!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Ahhh but thats the magic of it Michelle! It will actually LOWER your cholesterol! When my DH and I were on it before, we had our base lines done shortly after we started it, then again and both of had better scores after being on the diet for over a year! I know its what we've been told all of our lives, fat is bad, butter is bad - here eat this; its not really butter but it has all this other stuff in it that makes it taste like butter! No, what is bad is the poly unsaturated fats you find in margarine... and other products such as processed flour products and processed sugar are the real enemy. Do you ever get Restless Leg Syndrome? I used to all the time, until I cut processed sugars out of my diet. We haven't had real sugar in this house since 2003... well I bought some cane natural sugar for Jari ... dont know why I gave in on that one... anyway, don't worry your self about clogged arteries, its just coming out, after years of studies on people eating and living this way, that it is the healthier way to go.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

... poly unsaturated fats may not be the one I wanted to point to; I can't remember which one it was, but its bad lol

Michelle said...

Nope, never had restless leg syndrome. We eat pretty much all whole grains, and probably more fruit and vegetables than the average American. In other words, lots of fiber, which keeps the arteries (and intestines!) cleaned out. And I try to keep the percentage of fat- of ALL kinds - low. Seems to work for us, and, I might add, is shown by long-term research to contribute to longevity. You might find the following interesting: http://www.naturalnews.com/022599_vegetarian_cancer_meat.html

Sharon said...

I grew up with diet Michelle talks about so it's a comfortable way for me to eat. I understand the need for a program though when you know your lifestyle has to change. Good luck!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

This diet calls for tons of veggies! I've had so much fiber since I started, well, I wont go into it lol

Thanks Sharon! Need all the good wishes we can get. It is really difficult to change your life style, but I've done it once, I think I can do it again. As I said, I just have to change it a bit to make it sustainable... last time I fell off the wagon for potatoes and corn on the cob lol

Debbi (and Bob) Brown said...

I have had good luck with the Atkins diet in the past. Seems once you get the sugar out of your system it gets easier.

I always had trouble with wanting something to snack on too. I actually started to like fried pigskins. And frozen Atkins lo-carb bars are pretty good.

I found a recipe for little egg cupcakes made with eggs and cream cheese. You can add some lemon Crystal Lite powder and have little lemon chess cupcakes. Or cocoa and artificual sweetner. YUM... But I really liked adding bacon or ham and cheese to them. Makes a great on-the-go breakfast.

Good luck on the diet! One of these days I will decide to do it again. I picked up some Alli right after New Years but haven't tried it yet.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Thank you Debbi! I appreciate that! I have lost almost 10 lbs, it goes up and down some days but so far mostly down lol
Would you send that recipe to me? It sounds awesome, and i wouldn't have to listen to people complain about nothing to eat; seems like every time I turn around I have to cook a full blown meal... it doesn't bother me to do it in the evening, but wont do it three times a day lol

Julie Poudrier said...

A couple of friends of mine and I have started a new blog called 3FatGirlz. One of us is being strict with Weight Watchers and the other two of us are doing something a bit modified--basically most things in moderation. In my case, I'm trying to make it about a sustainable healthy eating lifestyle.

I also just posted a review of Michael Pollan's "Food Rules," which is an excellent little book and may provide you and your family with some inspiration.

Anyway, the blog is a way of being publicly accountable for our lifestyle/weight loss changes and you might enjoy checking in once in a while for some inspiration (or to help inspire us!).

The blog isn't about a particular weight-loss plan; it's really just an account of our struggles and successes with the methods we've chose to lose weight and make the lifestyle change that will keep it off.


Kara said...

Ugg I am having anxiety dreams over my "baby weight" that just doesn't seem to want to go away. The third put me over the edge. The good news is that I am eating healthier than ever...now just to make time to ride my horses more often. I think it would give me enough exercise to get out of the slump I have been in for, well...too long.

UniquelymeNana said...

I detest that word D-I-E-T. I have gained back the weight I lost plus 20 more pounds ;-( so not happy. Did he make the Marines? I am a Marine myself and disabled veteran. Anyway I pray that he reaches his goal!!