Friday, March 26, 2010


Just got my package from Columbia, er, um, I mean Morro Fleece Works.
This is a blend of Targhee and Romeldale, so soft and lofty!
Sorry, not a very good pic, just started on this one this morning, I'll get another pic when I finish a skein.
Meet Polaris! This is one of Mim's Rams, his wool was so nice I couldn't pass it up, but then when I started processing it, something wasn't going well and I can't remember what it was. This was the longest wait I've ever had with Morro, it was about 5 months. She does such an AWEsome job though, it is worth the wait.
Polaris happens to be my all time, bestest, favoritest color in all of wooldom! Would love to have it again Mim if he is available!


Sharon said...

Great presents in the mail!! We need to get our past fleeces skirted and off the Morro so I too an get great packages in the mail :)

Jody said...

Mmmm-nummy! Silvery grey is my all time fav too with that lovely fawn colour a close second!

June said...

Oh Yummy!! I love Polaris. . . I believe I agree with you and Jody!

Kim said...

Mmmm Beautiful silver color. Yes, it is beautiful. But I haven't met a fiber color I don't like!

Lois said...

Hmmmm....I am wondering if you don't mean our Polaris; the emsket wether fleece that you bought when you were here...or does Mim have a Polaris too? If you do mean our boy, he produces a lovely fleece like this one every year...bless him.

Got to get some fleece off to Morro!