Sunday, April 18, 2010

WIP.... FO?

I am not a knitter.

I have said that for many years, I'm a crocheter! I really don't know why I was so averse to learning how to knit, it was almost like I was a traitor for picking up knitting needles. It still feels weird. But when I said to Jo the other day "I'm not really a knitter." she pointed to my then almost-finished sock, and said "I think you are!". Hmmmm.
As soon as I finish the second one I will wash them, hoping they will shrink just a little, tighten up a bit.
This is my pattern, pretty basic. I used the book "Socks from the Toe Up" for the general idea and following the toe and heel pattern but the cuff is mine. I don't tend to wear tall socks much (except the ones that Jo made for me :) so my socks are pretty easy! This is using the short row toe and the short row heel and magic cast on. Maybe someday I'll try cables.I finished a pair before this but didn't count it as too much of an accomplishment; I was following someone else's instruction, kept needing help, and so I didn't feel like I had done them myself. Like I was cheating lol I know, I'm weird.
This is my practice scarf I talked about in an earlier post (and of course the other, unfinished sock). It is the seed stitch (k1,p1, alternately), something I decided would be a good learning tool and it was. It taught me how to 'see' the stitches, what they looked like in relation to one another, and it helped me get past my awkward pearling, helped me look a bit less silly when trying to pearl. I had to frog a few times so it also helped me learn how to undo stitches and how to pick them up again after I'd ripped them out.

And of course, the obligatory 'Joy' picture... I'll let you all come up with a caption to this one :)


Michelle said...

You ARE a knitter! Way to go!

Jody said...

Becky those socks are so pretty. Maybe make a little bitty pair for baby Joy.
You should have seen the first things I ever knit...soooo ugly :)

Sharon said...

Welcome to the affliction, um - addiction. I think socks never get old - can't have too many. Those look great. As for the Joy picture, I think you should make it a signature. All posts must close with Joy!

Kathy said...

Oh, Becky...thank ewe! You have inspired me to try again. This winter I got all the books, needles, etc. to make socks but wore out from show shoveling and splitting wood. I haven't tried from the toe up, but anything to get me started is a "good thing"! I have needles set up to where you knit the two socks at the same time - it sounds bizarre but if it works I'll let you know. I decided that, know me the way I do, I'd better do them both at once or I'll have a drawer of single socks in my future.

Linda Loken said...

I'm thinking you might be a perfectionist at heart missy!