Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Washington, the beginning...

We're here! The first day was a breeze! We stopped in John day because it is about halfway between Battle Mountain and Chewelah Washington.... oh wait. You guys don't know whats going on! lol
My Mom has wanted to go visiting friends and family for quite awhile, so we planned to take a trip to Washington, first to my Sis's home in Chewelah, then to visit Laura, a friend on Fox Island, then to Raymond to visit a cousin and a best friend, up to Aberdeen to visit an Aunt, then take a quicky trip up to La Push! (thats the part I'm waiting for :)
And back to my story...
So we leave John day (after an uncomfortable night... my Mom slept like a bug in a rug, my bed was too hard lol woke up feeling about 20 years older), heading to Chewelah; about 30 minutes out of Pendleton, OR the windshield wiper motor quit. And of course it was raining or I wouldn't have noticed. The really bad part about that is I just had a new (used) one put in! Three days ago! Well, four now. So we have ahead of us the prospect of driving the width of Washington with no wipers. But never fear! We have RainX :)
Lots of pictures to come!
Here are a couple of my 'other' daughter and my 'other' grand daughter :)
Love you guys Mandy!

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Mim said...

You really have a lot of traveling to do! I bet it's green and pretty up there where rain happens!