Friday, October 8, 2010

Feeling Sheepish

I found my card reader, and I won't go into where it was or how many times a day I walk past the spot... OK, it was on the TV stand. Sheesh.
I started on this in like June or something and Kevin and I just finished it a few days ago. Other things just got in the way. But I'm happy with the finished product and I think the chickens are too :) This was taken during the day. Something else I don't think I posted about was the nest boxes I built, you can just see them to the left.
I didn't think I'd gotten any aracuna chickens in this mixed batch, but I did! I love these chickens; they're bold and have neat personalities. I'm thinking I would like to order more of these next spring, but that will depend on whether I can enlarge the coop or not by then.
These black hens are either Jersey Black Giants or Australops, still don't know because I haven't caught them to look at their feet (one breed has yellow feet, the other pinkish).
I have three white hens, could be Plymouth Rock or Leghorn.
These two are either Rhode Island Reds or Hampshire Reds... the hen in the foreground is one of the three left after the coyote attack, notice the size? Those are either some really large chicks, or some small hens :) Actually its both; the assortment of chicks I got are all standard. Why they call them standard I don't know, every breed in the assortment is large. The Jersey's are the largest with hens weighing in at 8 lbs and cocks at 10. That's a big chicken!
This is my one Dominique. Looks like a Barred Rock to me, but they said it wasn't.
You can just see the tail of the one Buff Orphington.

So we went camping for my birthday... I know, its been too long since I posted last.
We went to Wilson Resevoir, north and east of Elko, about 2.5 hrs from here.
We took the 'big' tent. This is the same tent that Tad and I set up about 6 or 7 years ago that I thought had a missing pole. It is a really nice tent!
Yes, these are pelicans! There were so many water foul there that when one took off, hundreds would leave the water, making a sound like the roar of three semis running down a dirt road.
The water is so low this time of year that you can't fish off the bank by the camping spots, you have to come to this end of the lake where the rocks slope down into deeper water.
And here is part of the catch. I was the only one to land any fish this trip, although Jari had a really nice trout on, she didn't get it over land quick enough and it flopped off back into the water just as she went to reach for it.

I just HAD to include this picture; I decided to make stuffed meatballs and it was delicious! So here you see stuffed meat balls with marinara/alfredo sauce on wheat noodles, and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Anyone wants the recipe let me know :)

She is starting to walk, which means we are all gonna be just a bit busier than we have been trying to keep up with her. She is also pulling herself up on couches, and I know the short drop to the floor behind one of our couches is not to far off. Here she is admiring the baby in the mirror.
This is a mountain ash tree in our back yard, it is telling us that fall is indeed here, regardless of how unseasonably warm our days have been in the last week. I wasn't done with summer yet! And its hard to believe that I will be putting Carmine in with his ewes in another week. This year has just been weird.

I haven't taken a picture of Joy with her scarf on yet, but it is done! Hoping it doesn't take me two weeks to get it posted :)
Having a yard sale this weekend, went through the garage yesterday and found a bunch of things I thought were no longer with us, and lots of treasures for other people to hopefully, take home.
GarySue and her sister are coming to pick up her sheep and they are going to help me shear a couple sheep (hoping for 4 :).
Have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

Great, full post! And I think you've helped me make the final decision on our new chicks. I want two Speckled Sussex, but was undecided between silver-laced Wyandottes and Ameraucanas. I love my Easter Eggers (even though one hasn't laid in months), so your affirmation shoved me over to that side.

Laura said...

Is Babbs one of them? I found a certain book you were looking for...

Mim said...

Nice chickens! Think I'm still going to try for some more Wyandottes I like them and only have one so far. My rams will have to wait till November.

YouthHealth said...

Nice pictures of chickens and camping. I want to go camping! Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

That was a huge whole lotta stuff and I loved every bit of it. The hands down winner was Joy looking at herself in the mirror on the floor. Happy birthday, if I didn't already say that :)