Thursday, November 11, 2010

Off to Warm Climes!

Woke up this morning to a bright clear day, still some snow on the ground; the temperatures probably wont get higher than the low 50s during the day again until March.
Yesterday morning was cold and blustery, degenerating into a blizzard by 2pm. About 10 minutes later, I couldn't see the other side of my driveway from the front door.

This picture probably belongs in the 'Firsts' post, as this is Joy's first snow :)

Can you say 'cat'? How bout 'fat cat'? This is Spaz. We went to Arizona in 2003 after Derek's Mom passed and while there found this kitten someone had dumped at Derek's Dad's house. We had to bring him home (Gail doesn't like cats, and Derek's brother thinks they are good sport). So Spaz is an AZ transplant who eats lizards and squirels in the summer, gets slim and trim, then fattens up for the winter to enormous proportions. I swear he gains at least 10 pounds as the weather gets colder. I'm pretty sure he outweighs Joy.
We're headed back to Arizona tomorrow, be back around the 20th. See you all then!


Mim said...

Have fun!

Sharon said...

Have a great trip. Good planning to not be on the road for Thanksgiving.