Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Job

So I've been at it for a little over two weeks, its not even close to being what I had hoped. I haven't been bar tending, I am working the 'floor', the casino floor, and while its not a bad job, it isn't the one I was shooting for. Not that bar tending is the job I want, its just the only one I thought I could get. The senior bartender is going for surgery in January, and I was told I would get her shift when she went, apparently I will only get two days a week, because the other bartender realized she should be getting it. She's right, I was just hoping she wouldn't want it.

In seasonal news, we got our tree! Finally! I love noble fir, my favorite Christmas tree, and although I grew up with pinion pine at Christmas, I have come to love the pinion for its level branches, hardiness (even after cut), its wonderful aroma, and its deep green color.
Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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