Saturday, January 29, 2011

The First!

We got a letter from Kevin yesterday!!! Yay! I have been waiting impatiently to hear from my Kevin since he left for Marine boot camp in San Diego. I checked the mail on the way home from work last night and there it was! I jumped back in the truck and barreled down the road to get home so I could read it with Derek. Really glad all the officers were busy elsewhere last night :)
He says he's missing us of course and that he had a wisdom tooth pulled (this was last Monday, the day I sent my first letter his way) and was on bed rest. And although he was supposed to be studying, he decided to write. So glad he did. He urged us to write soon, lol by now he's gotten at least three letters from me and various other people, I've sent three this week.
If anyone else that knows and loves us wants to write to Kevin, please email me and I will get the address to you. He needs all the encouragement he can get!
Now looking forward to the next letter, again with impatience lol


Michelle said...

I can only imagine how welcome that letter was! Another blog I follow, Chickens in the Road, shared a similar experience when her son was in Navy boot camp....

Kim said...

Hi Michelle, just wondering how you are doing and how Kevin is. Exciting times, and scary too. Hand in there... have you found the website for parents?