Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bounties of Life

I have so much to be thankful for; my home, my kids, my husband, my life. But sometimes there are things that jump out at you and remind you just how lucky you really are.
This first picture is of that which I am most thankful for, my grand daughter. Jari and the baby-daddy took Joy out for dinner to the establishment where I work, one of my co-workers gave Joy these balloons, she carried them around all the next day.

She's not a ham, really.... maybe just a little...
I got home from work tonight to find two packages waiting for me, one I expected, the other not at all. This hand dyed roving is from Laura, my amazingly talented friend in Oregon. I saw pictures of this fiber on her blog, and had to snatch some of it up. Its BFL and tussah silk. Delicious!
The second, very small package was a complete surprise. When I saw who it was from I was confused as I hadn't expected anything from that person at all. Sorry, can't tell you who it was from, but it was one of the most awesome and unexpected things anyone has ever sent to me.
About a week ago, I posted on my Ravelry group, Raw Wool Lovers, that I was looking for qiviut. Tonight this is what I got.

Qiviut is the mazarati of fibers, the best of the best, at least in my opinion. I am thinking I will put this on my drop spindle, take it to San Diego with me when we go to get Kevin in ... OH! Eight days!!! :) I'm so excited! Then, after making it into a lace weight (of course) I will make a scarf out of it.
Speaking of Kevin, we got another letter from him, the last I'm sure before we see him on the 7th. The way it reads, he is doing really well and is as excited to see us as we are to see him.


Jody said...

I'm so glad you get to spend time with your son...I know how precious that is :-)
Qiviut is the ultimate luxury fibre and it blends very well too.

Michelle said...

What a joyful post; thanks for sharing all your goodies and good news!

Sharon said...

Joy is absolutely the most preciousist! Yeah, Laura's pretty crazy huh.

Laura said...

The roving on the left is Merino Tussah Bamboo - it will be soooo luscious when spun (I know this to be true...).

Joy is such a cutie!

Mim said...

Joy, what a cutie! Good to hear your going to see Kevin. I bet everyone can't wait. You got all the pretty roving!!!