Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fibery Pursuits

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I've been stuck at home for the last 10 days or so, cost of gas being what it is, and my employment status doesn't help matters. Though I truly enjoy being at home, I'm going a bit stir crazy. Every few days I go into my fiber hole (spare room) and dig through my stash. I came across this fiber the other day, some that Sam, my dear friend in Moab, had processed and gifted me with... well it was actually more in way of trade for some sheep I had delivered to her farm.
This is a blend of CVM, guanaco, and something else. I can't exactly remember what the 'else' is, its been a year, and I've slept since then. Knowing how I forget things, you'd think that I would put a note in things like this... yeah.
I want to sell a couple of pounds of this ($40/lb), it kind of looks like a brillo pad but is really soft! I've made a few hats out of it, you can see one on my Ravelry projects page here. It's the perfect prep for long draw and spins out fast and evenly. I completed the hat that Jari's wearing in less than a day, spinning and all.

On the Needles
I have the scarf from my last fiber posting still on, I've started into the second skein, this is going to be a very long scarf!
The second scarf I'm knitting out of the yarn below. It has been in my stash since last year, the top bought from a vendor at BSG '10. It is silk and merino. The colors (other than black) are so subtle that I decided to leave it a fairly thin single (maybe a light fingering?) to keep the colors visible, they would have been completely lost in a ply, in my opinion.
This picture is a little washed out because of the flash I think, or maybe just not the right back ground.
And the ball of yarn is what I dyed a few days ago, haven't found the pattern it wants yet, but I am thinking that it might end up being something in a seed stitch. I tried it with a lacy pattern but it just didn't work. The fun colors scream simple pattern. Does that make sense?
I started spinning some raw Gotland I've had for a year or more, it is so soft in places, kind of hard to separate it out from the not so soft bits, but fun none the less.

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Jody said...

Glad you've kept up with your knitting Becky. I could not live without my knitting.
Where did you get your Gotland?
I am wanting to focus more on coloured Finnsheep than the Gotlands now because I like the softness of the Finn better.