Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home, Sweet Home!

I've been back home now for 11 days, seems like three weeks. I've been pretty busy, but not overly so, Jari did a pretty good job at keeping the house up!
I came home to a small box that contained a pretty good amount of Bond Corriedale wool, ordered from Gleason Fine Woolies while I was in Texas. I just can't resist Joanna's wool selection, even though it is much more expensive than most, I can say its worth it. It is very clean, and oh so yummy!
I've started work on Peter's fleece, I just love that crimp! It washed up pretty well, although there is still enough grease left in it that my hands feel wonderful when I've been in it for a while. I found this small ball of mohair and wool blend roving that demanded  to be blended with some of this fleece, so I got my carder out and started on it. It looked great! I had three batts done and had started spinning it.
I don't know if I posted about my car or not, but its been out of commission for a couple of months. My daughter hit a rock, she said, and it messed up the alignment so bad that I think we will have to buy two new tires for it. We had to drive it home from town, about 4 miles. So the other day we finally found a trailer that we could use to haul the car to Elko (an hour away) to get it looked at. We were gone all day Monday, came home to find that the new puppy likes Peter's wool too! Oh, by the way, we have a new puppy. he is black lab and blue tic hound. He's a great puppy, will someday make a beautiful and intelligent dog! But not if he keeps doing what he did that day! He doesn't know how close he came to shortening his life span. Not only did he tear up those batts (which were in a box with the lid down) but he got on my table and pulled down 5 ounces of that gorgeous dark chocolate alpaca top I posted about earlier! Sigh!
I picked it all up after chastising my daughter about how its never her stuff that gets torn up and ruined by the animals she brings home, its always my things that get torn up! Why is that? Make you want to gnash your teeth and say bad words! Not to mention kick the dog! (something I learned long ago not to do, unless I wanted a bruised toe, cause I never manage to hurt the dog, just me). So, what to do with this mess? I took what I could salvage of the batts, which weren't as bad off as they had first appeared, and recarded them, they have a few more dog hairs in them now but, eh! Then I looked at all that alpaca. I had not over reacted at the alpaca. It was a mess! He must've enjoyed that much more than my home-made batts, cause it was torn up and slobbered on.
My drum carder is not made for fine fibers; they get stuck in the tines, they get all fly away and aggravating! But, I decided to blend the alpaca with Peter, I just couldn't imagine throwing it all away!
This is how I managed it: I took a small amount of Peter's wool, flicked it, laid it down on the carder, took one of the puppy-fied pieces of alpaca and lay wisps of it against that little bit of wool. Then I took a normal sized lock of flicked wool and lay it over the alpaca. It worked great!
Here is the yarn from the mohair blend
 This is the alpaca blend in the morning sunlight... I really couldn't get the color right...

It is so much prettier than this picture, I will post another when I'm done spinning it up. I managed to save most of that alpaca! I only had to throw away the most slobbered on bits.
And the car? Found out today that the frame is bent. Musta been some rock!

Motel convenience and puppy problems not withstanding, its great to be home!


Sharon said...

If this were Facebook, I would click - Like. It's good to have you back.

Ginamonster said...

If I don't kennel my dog while I am at work, I lose a lot of fiber. He only gets into it if I am not home, but oh, boy, I once came home to a cotton candy pink carpet.