Monday, October 3, 2011

Time! I have None!

I have some... but not much. I didn't end up going to Greenville on my days off. In reviewing the website I realized the cotton museum is not really what I was looking to see, more about the industrialization of cotton production and its history than the spinning of cotton.
I did go to see a very nice woman who answered my pleas for a fiber fix on the Spin List who invited me to her home, she was very nice and although a relatively new spinner had some beautiful fiber! I do believe I've made a new friend!
I went looking for a picture of this breed, but all I found were little tiny, so I will let you look it up :)

This is wool from a small sheep in New Zealand, called Arapawa, it is super soft and somewhere between a down wool and a romney wool. She gave this to me! So very generous! I will be sending her some of Gracie's fiber after I shear when I get home.
I also went to Rose Path Weaving and got some goodies!
They are moving their shop, so everything to do with spinning was 40 to 50% off! The white stuff is Merino/Mohair, the brown stuff at the top is Arapawa from my new friend in Louisiana, the brown in the wraps is alpaca, with the McMorran Yarn Balance at the bottom. The books, the new Spin-Off, the Intentional Spinner and another 101 One Skein Wonders book  rounded my purchases off. Amazingly, this was all just over $100.

We're calling this my birthday present :)

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the introduction to a new-to-me breed of sheep; glad you got a fiber fix!