Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I took delivery of this the other day. It is a Coopworth/Polypay cross fleece from Maplewood North.

coopworth, polypay cross

You know, I was never addictive when I was younger; I tried different things, but never had a problem walking away from anything. And now, at mid-life, I have an addiction that I can't kick! As much as I try to clean out my wool room, I always seem to be putting something back in!
And, just in from Morro Fleece Works, "Glinda"! Glinda is a Corriedale ewe, one of the many fleeces from my stash that I sent off to Shari in an effort to diminish my stash to a manageable level. I have 7 bags available listed on my Etsy, in 1lb 2 ounce lots. You pay for a pound, I throw in the 2 ounces. If you don't want to go though Etsy, that's ok too! Just mail me and we'll do the deal separately.
This is a super dark Romney, in reality it is black with silvery-grey fibers throughout, also listed on Etsy.

We sheared Sunday so I have three new fleeces on my porch. Tunis (Eben), CVM/Romney (Gracie), and at the bottom Dorset/Suffolk (Babs). They are full of itty bits of vm, as I didn't cover them at all. This is the Tunis ram's hogget fleece, and both Gracie and Babs had not been sheared since the fall of 2010. So I guess I will process these myself, figure I'll be done sometime in the mid 2020's.... maybe.


Jody said...

Just lovely! I was drooling over your beautiful Coopworth/Polypay fleece on Ravelry. I have never tried Polypay (it's a sheep I don't hear much about) but have Coopworth in the stash :-)

Sharon said...

Good luck on stash reduction. I haven't figured out the solution either. Those rovings are lovely.

Wolle Natur Farben said...

Hello i just discovered your blog, and the dependence on and addiction to things that have to do with wool, and sheeps, I know very well! The same probelm with reducing the stash ! Nice blog beautiful pictures. greatings from Germany, Anke

Dayle Ann Stratton said...

It's a good thing I can't keep sheep (no room) or I'd be in the same situation. As it is, I keep coming aross things I HAVE to get. I live in Vermont, and know too many people with sheep and goats and llamas and alpacas. Then I went to visit family and friends in the NW and had to acquire an extra suitcase for the fleeces I got on Lopez Island. Your fleeces are so beautiful now I want some like them. I didn't realize my curiosity would lead to this, um, addiction!

Strange Knit said...

Love all the beautiful fibers! It makes me want to try all sorts of new types of wool for spinning.