Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wool room, still?

Well, it looks better, but not quite there yet. I work on it in my 'spare' time, and get side tracked every time I go in, so I guess its not as bad as it might seem. I mean, I only started on it last September. Seriously though, I have gotten quite a bit done. I have several fleeces not in this picture. They are either boxed to go to Morro Fleece Works, or behind the camera on the bed... or in the closet. I have sold some things I don't think I'll ever get a chance to mess with, and still have some things for sale listed in my Etsy store, with more to come as I dig deeper.

I've decided to make a lace curtain for the stationary side of my atrium door. I could buy one but I figure it will be better if I make it myself. Since I couldn't find a pattern that I really liked for it, I've decided to make that myself too. So far I have two swatches made up, but neither turned out the way I wanted it to, so now I think I have the pattern down, but haven't worked on it in a few days, I'll get to it again soon.

Our lives haven't changed much since September... Joy is now 3 and as big a handful as her mother ever was. And as beautiful as well. Which is why I'm sure, she has her mother wrapped tightly around those pretty little fingers.

With sequestration, I may not get to work at all this summer, but I may end up working my tail off, it really depends on what money goes where and how they decide to allocate it.  This doesn't do much for my attitude towards this country's administration, for sure. They had to cancel any training I might have qualified for as well. I can't gripe too much though, others will hurt much worse than I before he has had his fill of 'making it hurt'.

We have three lambs this year, although we should have had 6. Babs had quadruplets! But all passed but the one. I don't really understand why, other than they just all came so quickly that she just decided it was too much to deal with and concentrated on cleaning and caring for the one. Gracie had twins, but she has something wrong with her jaw, and although the lambs were large (12 and 10lbs respectively) she is not making enough milk for them, so I am having to supplement them.  I think after shearing I will have to put her down if I can't figure out how to heal her jaw, and then I will be looking for another wool ewe to replace her.

I will try to post here again regularly, as I really do like sharing things that happen here, especially wooly things!

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