Friday, March 7, 2014

Home Improvement!

Last year, DH decided to take a home improvement loan out of his 401K.
We've lived in this home for 16 years and have never done anything to it. I take the 5th on that point, cause I'll get myself in trouble if I start 'pointing' fingers.
It was in dire need of a paint job, a new roof, and a new furnace/AC.
When we bought our home, I insisted on a diesel furnace, he insisted on central air. We both got what we wanted, but something went wrong early on with the furnace; seems the little nozzle that sprays the diesel out to be ignited was not the right size, so every time it came on, it would burn way too hot, and eventually gutted the inside of the burner chamber (or whatever it was), till it just didn't work anymore. DH maintained all this time that if we'd 'just gone with propane' everything would have been fine. But, he doesn't pay the bills or deal with our debtors, and I flat our refuse to deal with a propane company. ANY propane company. And, the central air unit that he insisted on having, was woefully small for our over 2500 square foot interior, so it worked itself to death early on. For the past three or four years we've had a kerosene heater in the winter (which worked wonderfully, btw), and two window mount ac units in the summer (which didn't work so wonderfully). It was time for a change. Also, the double paned windows all along the front of our home had clouded up and looked horrible, not to mention that I couldn't see through them.
So, we got a new steel roof, pained the house, put windows across the front of the house, a new electric heater/AC, AND put in a wood stove! We still have to put up new rails around the porch. and frame the door... oh, I didn't mention, we put a new sliding glass door in!

I LOVE my wood stove!
The rest is great, but I really LOVE my wood stove!
The stove was a rodeo. We had to send parts back and forth a few times before we finally got it all together, but it all worked out. I would like to build a mantle behind it, but that is down the road a bit.

Tomorrow: Fall Harvest!

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Michelle said...

Lately I've been thinking about what I would do if we got some kind of windfall, and exterior paint and a metal roof are at the top of my list!