Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Past

We have decided not to decorate this year, as we are going to spend Christmas with my Father-in-law in Arizona, I just couldn't see doing all that work just to leave it.
But, even though we have nothing up this year, I wanted to share pictures of Christmas Past.
This is Tug, our tea-cup/toy chihuahua. We feel very fortunate to have him. It is really strange how he turned out to be the biggest pup in his litter, strange because I think if he hadn't been, he wouldn't have made it as a farm dog, and would have been one of those ankle nipper, yapping annoyances that people call dogs. He outweighs his sire by 4 pounds, and his dam by 6. No, he isn't fat :)

This is Spaz. It is strange happenstance that brought him into our lives. My Mother-in-law had just passed. She had had stomach cancer for 4+ years and had succumbed. She passed peacefully, at ease with her fate.
At my FIL's house, I heard a strange noise that I decided must be the weirdest bird in the world. It sounded kind of like a crow, but bigger and it said something like 'ka-ow, ka-ow'. Like I said, it was weird. The lot of us walked out the front door the next morning to go make arrangement for interment, and my DH said, 'Dad, you have a cat!" To which my FIL pointedly said "I do not!" to which the kitten replied 'ka-owwww'
I can only guess that the little guy had to have some siamese in his blood. He was so tiny, he was dirty, and he was very hungry. To my FIL's chagrin, I bought some kitten chow, put out a bowl of water and the little cat/bird got his fill. Three days later, we put a ferret halter on him and drove him home to Nevada.
He isn't small anymore, and he certainly doesn't go without his chow. My son named him Spaz and he is his cat. He holds a special place in our hearts, its almost like Marge is with us in him.


Kathy said...

I don't know where you're headed to, but if you get "stuck" in the Flagstaff area, just give us a shout! We're just off I17, south of town. :) Have a very safe journey! (If you need to know road conditions either going to or coming back feel free to contact us!)

Kathy said...

And thank you for sharing your furry friends with us!