Thursday, January 3, 2008

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Wow! That was quick! The whole of 2007 went by in a flash it seems, and here I am looking at another lambing season that will, in itself, be over all too quickly!
My first day back at work, also means my first day at a computer with a connection fast enough to allow me to upload pictures...
Our trip to Arizona was great! I was warm! We spent too much time in Tucson, spent way too much money but had a wonderful time! We went to see National Treasure; Book of Secrets (great movie!), got to visit my favorite store, Brookstone in the Tucson Mall, and otherwise stayed at my FIL's house being lazy on vacation :)

We started home on Friday the 28th, the temp was in the mid 50's; Several hours later, we had driven about 450 miles, and the temp had dropped to around 40. Three hours after that, it was dark, we were in Tonapah, the temp was around 10 and it was snowing. We were also pulling a 12 foot U-Haul full of furniture my FIL had gifted us.

Two hours later, after traversing the great Smokey Valley, we were headed up Austin Summit, one of the worst places to drive in Nevada, in the winter, in the snow, at night... I hate that summit! Visions of sliding over ravines, blood and broken glass were at the fore of my thoughts, so for the most part, I kept my eyes closed and sang to the radio. About two hours later, around 3:15 AM we were safe at home and the terror of the crossing was a vague memory. I say it every time we do it; I will never do that again!!!!

This is a picture I found on the web of the town of Austin. Just to give you an idea of what the summit is like. Austin lies in the heart of a mountain range and the summit is just to the East of town and ascends to over 7000 ft, quickly!
The next morning, I went to pick up the rest of our family members; Zip, Kujo, and Beamer. Kujo jumped into the back of the truck without looking at me, Beamer almost jumped over my head he was so happy, and Zip wagged and whined his joy at seeing me. So only one ticked off dog was OK I guess, she got over it :)

The trip home not withstanding it was a great ending to 2007.
I forgot to bring my camera with me today, I will post some pics tomorrow.

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