Sunday, March 30, 2008

Long Weekend!

Sorry I haven't posted since last week, I took two days off from work because the kids were on Spring Break, so I had 5 days off, and I love being home with my kids. Lots has happened, but because my computer Internet connection is so slow, I can't post pictures and its actually kinda hard just to post text!

We are done lambing, the last ewe lambed on Friday, a ram lamb. I had a couple disappointments; after Rose had her triplets, Honey, who has always had twins, had a single ewe lamb; Ewenice, the absolutely huge ewe! had a single 14lb ram lamb. These were my biggest ewes and I was expecting at least twins. Oh well, I have had all kinds of surprises since this started! And thank goodness its over!
I will post some pictures tomorrow...

I recieved a package Saturday, one I didn't expect! Pictures if that tomorrow to :)

Hope everyone had a great Easter week!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So much for flushing, huh? Can't wait to see photos, and hear what was in your surprise package!

Julie said...

Aaargh, we're several days past our latest calendar lambing date and still waiting on at least one ewe to lamb (she's the only one who's clearly bagged up--the others either aren't pregnant or just aren't going to bag up before lambing. And at least four of the six that are due to lamb in mid-April already have bags too. This will be the never-ending lambing season for us!

I know how disappointing it is to see a really big mama and be sure you're going to get twins only to end up with a whopper of a ram lamb. My friend Laura's last ewe lambed Saturday morning and I ended up having to pull the lamb. It was a ewe, but bigger than some of the two-week olds out in the pasture!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I know, I know, but I really dont think we would have had the two sets of trips without flushing. Maybe since my dorset is so great at raising triplets I will only flush her.