Monday, March 31, 2008

Catching Up

Funny, looking back at past posts before March 5th, I couldn't wait for lambing, now I'm just glad its over!

Some catch up pictures...
This is Ewenice... my Mother called me and asked me "How do you spell Eunice?" I said "Ewenice, when its a sheep!" Anyway, she had a single last year, and another this year! A 14lb ram lamb, I suppose there wasn't any room for another one! I want to get more pictures of the lambs, they are getting to that stage where they are filled out but still cute as they can be. We let them out durring the day when we are there, it is so funny to watch them playing; they will all congregate, without their ewes, and if something startles them they all take off at a dead run, a little flock of minis, wish I could post a video.

Color in my flower/weed bed!

This was my surprise package Friday! I had ordered this from Terry Mendenhall of Wool Ranch fame, it was a lot faster than I expected! I was going to take a picture of the entire fleece, but it got put away and well, when something gets put away in my house (by someone other than me) I leave it there until I need it again :)
This is a moorit romeldale x, staple 5 to 6", unbelievably soft and fluffy! So guess what I did all weekend! I was in wool nirvana again!
I took a picture of a skein I finished on Saturday, but it didn't turn out very well. I have been looking in earnest for a moorit fleece since I went to Mim's last year; I need to get out more, she got me started on all kinds of quests! It was because of her I had to buy a drum carder!

...did I ever say thank you?


Kathy said...

What lucious looking wool!

And, I'll bet you're delighted that lambing is done. Our shearer came Friday and mentioned that one ewe, in particular, had "at least two, maybe three". This seems like the year for trips.

Sharon said...

Those locks are lovely as is your spinning. What on earth are you talking about? One of the wethers we got from Mim is milk chocolate brown and so rich in combination with other colors. I love it that these guys are a color factory. I look forward to seeing what colors you get this year - besides red.

Mimi Bullard said...

I like the looks of the fleece on your ewe!
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