Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Need To Know!

I have the need to know what the heck this is!

I called my Mother, she gave it to me, and she can't remember what it is! I have never forgotten the name of a plant in my possession before, its a new experience... Any horticulturists out there?

So shall I make it a blog-sport? Hmmmm.... If you can tell me what this plant is, I will send out to the plant-smarty person some tunis wool when I shear. I will even wash it for you :)
Two hints, it is a perennial and it flowers (pinks and reds).
OK, one more hint, it grows close to the ground, spreading (the whole patch is about 3'x3', started with a handful from Mom) until it gets ready to flower, then the leaves, as you see them growing here (they grow one inside the last up a stem I guess you would call it), can get up to about 12" to 16" tall and the flower blooms at the top.


Barbara C. said...

Awful early for "sweet william" but maybe in a sunny spot....

Sharon said...

Send it to Amy - she has ways. She has contacts too.

Tracy Hopkins said... kinda looks like daylillies from this angle...?

Tracy Hopkins said...

I knew I'd seen this before...perhaps because it's growing in my yard????

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Great guesses, but no. I had thought it was sweet william when I first looked at it the other day; definately not day lillies, my Mom has them growing all over her flower bed; sorry, not spiderwort either, just not the right leaves on it (I have never heard of spiderwort, pretty flower though)...

You guys have no idea how crazy this is making me! You would think I had enough to keep me occupied that I wouldnt worry about it lol

If Amy can't come up with it, I will repost pics after it blooms and the same offer will stand, even if I figure it out on my own before then.

Tracy Hopkins said...

Can I just say that this is going to drive me nuts?
It's not like I don't have a JOB that I should be doing today instead of surfing flower sites...the wouldacoulda(shoulda?)been botanist in me NEEDS to identify this!