Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smoke and Kittens

Meet the foster kids!
I have to admit, they are as cute as can be, I just keep thinking about what they do when they grow up.
I hate that there are fires in northern CA, but it sure makes for some interesting sunsets and sunrises... I keep feeling like I should be working in dispatch somewhere. Have I mentioned that I am an erstwhile expanded dispatcher for the BLM?
More pics from Ohio and the Great Lakes Fiber Fest/National Tunis Show and Sale and the trip home...

These moths were on display at a booth were the cacoons they make were on sale. They were very expensive!

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Mim said...

They are such beautiful kittens and when they grow up, running up you leg like the little calico will definitly hurt. As hard as it is to take on more animals these kittens will truly be thankful and you have to love that you helped them from dieing too young! Then when they are teenagers, well that's your call!