Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some Pics of the Day

All in all it was a good day; Jari took Reserve Grand in the Senior Showmanship class, and Angle got a blue ribbon in the ewe lamb class.
I think these three stold the show though.
At almost three weeks old, these little goats were adored by everyone, I think baby goats are about the cutest babies in the livestock world :)

More later!


June said...

The goats are so cute! Do you use them for their milking properties? I've always wondered what goat farmers do with the actual animal if it is not used for fiber. I know, a big doh! to me, but hey! I grew up in the city!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

The goats don't belong to us, but I know that this breed, the Boar, is used for meat.

Mim said...

Good work on your fair entries. You spin yarn sooo nice. And baby goats are my favorite also. Not just cuz they look so sweet but they are by far the most playful of all babies. If they are not sleeping they are playing!

Kathy said... goats and lambs are so cute. My DH, you know...the one who is now saying we have way too many always there when the lambs are born, naming them and telling me which ones we need to keep. Which end up being all of them. heeheehee

How wonderful that you all did so well. Keep it up!