Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Pictures....

I'm very proud of my daughter though she may not know it, or believe me when I tell her.
This is a bundle of silk that Mim gifted me when we stayed at her house durring the State Fair; I spun it up and Navajo plied it. It is BEAUTIFUL! I have been looking for doilie patterns because there just isnt enough to make anything bigger. I will get more pics of it soon.
Because Jari got Reserve Champion Senior Showman, she was able to compete in the Round Robin on Sunday morning before the sale. She didn't place, but I think she had fun anyway :)
A Round Robin is where all the placing showman work with differnt animals to test their knowledge of showmanship in all divisions.

This was an oops. I tried to take a picture of Angel and had the camera set to take a video. Here is the result :)

Till Next Time!


Mim said...

Whooo cool movie! Looking forward to seeing the yarn from the silk! Tell Jari I'm proud of her too. Showmanship is a real art!

Sharon said...

Awesome on Jari! Aren't the mom and daughter relationships just too complex?! Big score for her on the showmanship - great news!

dampcityknits said...

I'd say daughters always believe it when their mom's say they're proud, though they may not feel like showing the love back at certain times!!

June said...

Hey there, Becky! It all looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see the silk in yarn form! I know my daughter would believe me, but with a attitude of "yeah, but you have to say that, cause you're my Mom" kinda thing - on the outside, inside she really knows. . . and so does your daughter :)

Kathy said...

Congratulations to Jari and to you, too, Mom! No wonder I found a button out by my car...must've been from you. ;-)