Friday, September 19, 2008

School Spirit!

I actually finished two scarfs in the last two weeks.... I totally forgot to take a picture of the first one, it went to a friend of mine who I have been promising a scarf to for about 3 years. She totally loved it and if I can remember to do it, I will stop by her place sometime and take a picture of it. It was made from the blue/purple silk and merino and was the same patern as the yellow/green one I put in the fair.

I also finished Jari's 'School Spirit' scarf, she wanted it long and narrow, she got it! It comes down to her knees! This is done in Tunisian Crochet.

And here is the silk that Mim gave me spun up and ready to be something beautiful! The colors arent right in the first one, but the second is pretty close.

Tomorrow, I am going to Elko to the "Wheels and Whorls" meeting, where they invited me to demonstrate Tunisian Crochet. Its going to be a lot of fun.

Oh! And I just found out I have a follower!!!! I am so excited! Thanks WoolWytch! :)
I know, I'm easily excited.

Till next time!


Sharon said...

That silk is absolutely gorgeous. I'm knitting a scarf from some of Mim's silk. That girl has an eye for color, that's for sure. You are the best spinner I know so I'm not going to waste any energy being jealous over those skeins - well, maybe just a little energy.

Mim said...

That spinning is so good! You do great thinks with your little Joy. I can't believe some people think a person is held back by the wheel they use or don't use. I like the colors too!

June said...

Too cool Becky! The spinning is out of this world. . . I just wish I could touch it through my screen! I think your scarf is quite nice too, my lys is having a class on this, but during the day of course, so I have to pass. Darn!

The WoolWytch said...

Hee Hee! Yep You have a follower. I discovered this function and though "Hey that's much easier than chasing down where the links are!!!"

Your spinning is lovely - I have so much to ply right now sitting in a box up high out of little hands, and I'm anxiously awaiting my Tunis which comes back from the processor in less than a month.

That fleece we hand processed last spring? It's finally going to get spun up next Tuesday. :-)