Friday, January 23, 2009

Wool Swaps, Weird Weather, Sheep FS

Wool Swap
I started a Ravelry group, called Raw Wool Lovers Unite! We have a lot of fun there just talking about our mutual interests, but we are just finishing a raw wool swap and it has been wonderful! I wasnt sure I would enjoy moderating something like a swap; there always seems to be someone that makes it tough on everyone else, but it went over really well.
This is what I got from my Swapper. This is a very clean moorit Romney. Sooooo soft!
The big pile is washed, the stack is seperated locks and of course there is my trusty doggy brush and cutting board I use for flick carding.
My swapper also sent a generous handfull of Lincoln (right), and a bit of Wensleydale (bottom left), the top left is a small handfull of Gotland from my friend Laurie at Laurie's Lambs in New Jersey. Thank you Laurie!!!
Weird Weather
Besides the pogonip, we have had some really interesting inversions lately.

Check out this cloud. It is sitting on the ground, in the middle of the valley!!! Wow.
Sheep FS
My daughter and I have decided to sell some sheep. With me not working it is going to be really tough for me to buy hay this year.
Back: Misty, full blooded suffolk ewe (registerable), 2yrs old, twinned last year (first year lambing), $150
Front: Eliza, full blooded registered Dorset ewe, 4 yrs, trips every other year. $200
Neither have been bred this year.
All of the following are bred to lamb in mid March.
Center: Ewenice, registered Tunis ewe, 3 yrs, singles. $200
Back: Tweedle, registered Tunis ewe, 3 yrs, twins last year (first year lambing). $200
Front right: Gus, registered Tunis Ram, 1 yr (Hotis 108 great grandson). $200
Vanila, registered Tunis ewe, 3 yrs, twins last year (first year lambing). $200

Center: Babs, brockle (suffolk/dorset cross), 3 yrs, single last year (first year lambing). $125


Sharon said...

We've been having some interesting weather here too - and rain. Finally! Good luck on the sheep sales. Hay is a killer.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Your Tunis really are beautiful sheep, and I'm sorry you're having to part with some of them. I hope you get a job, and hay prices come down, and you sell the sheep you are most willing to part with!

I just joined Ravelry, mostly for patterns people keep linking to. I am very leery of it taking too much of my time (I can't spin and knit as much as I would like as it is), so I don't plan to do much there in the way of listing projects, etc.